How to Apply and Remove Polyurethane on Hardwood Floors

Polyurethane gives hardwood floors a wonderful high gloss finish and it seals the wood and protects it from scratches and spills. While Polyurethane provides a great finish for hardwood floors, both applying it and removing it are not the easiest DIY projects that you could take on. If you are faced with either of these […]

How to Use a Wood Router for Beginners | 6 Steps

A wood router is one of the most versatile pieces of woodworking equipment that you could have in your workshop. It’s a powerful tool that spins a bit, or a cutter, at very high speeds and, with the many various types of bits that you can buy for wood router; there is no end of […]

How to change the belt on a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Shark vacuum cleaners are one of the best and most reliable vacuum cleaners that you can buy. However, on even the best Shark Vacuum cleaners, parts can wear or even break over time. Many of the models of Shark vacuums in the Shark Rocket, Shark Navigator, and Shark Rotator ranges have a motorised rotating cleaning […]

Different Sander Machines Perform Different Tasks

Among all the woodwork related procedures, sanding is the toughest when done manually. An electric sander is the most valuable helping tool for anybody who is going to start a sanding project. An electric sander is a very useful machine and it can assist you for various purposes like finishing of furniture or installation of […]

How Does a Belt Sander Works

Belt sander is one of the finest tools used by the woodworkers for sanding. It not only saves time and energy but also works efficiently and results in an outstanding product. In this machine’s structure at downside, two parallel drums are attached from which sandpaper or sanding belt comes out in the form of an […]

Mistakes In Sanding And Their Solutions

Sanding is a very simple process which is done wrongly by many woodworkers and experts due to carelessness and not giving appropriate attention. Mostly woodworking professionals use inappropriate tools, apply wrong procedures, use wrong sandpaper and table top corners with over sanding is another big mistake. Let’s have a look at the casual mistakes made […]

How to Recycle Sander Belts

Numerous tools and products exist in the market that is normally not recycled but all know that they should be recycled. Recycling is popular these days; opposite of recycling is throwing something into the trash without thinking of its’ reuse. This is one of the most thought out subjects and was the agenda brought up […]

A Basic Guide on Finishing a Hemlock Floor

Considered as a softwood, hemlock belongs in the same category as fir and pine. A hemlock is easily recognizable because of its natural light brown tint. Sometimes, it comes with moderate grain patterns that are hard to distinguish. Hemlock is an ideal product to use for wood flooring. Compared to hardwood flooring, a hemlock floor […]

What Makes Belt Sanders Great ?

1. The main use of belt sender is to remove scraps from other things like plastic, wood and metal as well. To create a smooth, flat and perfect surface for painting and for other such works like removing finishes or paint from the wood surface, nothing can beat the brute strength and high speed of […]

Steps on How to Get Rid of Paint Using a Sander

One of the quickest ways to get rid of paint from a surface is sanding. You can remove the chipped and worn paint from a surface in a matter of minutes by making use of belt sander or a heavy-grit sandpaper. However, sanding comes with some drawbacks. It is not advisable to be used on […]

A Guide on Sanding Pine Floors

Wood floors are considered to be an essential investment for most homeowners. Wood floors can last a lifetime given that proper care and maintenance are followed. Most floors are made of hardwood but some use pine as an alternative since softwood is less expensive. Pine is compatible with a wide variety of finishes, making it […]

Important Tips on Repairing a Painted Drywall Seam

One of the issues that seem to bother most homeowners until they deal with it is a bad drywall seam. Generally, most bad drywall seam issues are not obvious until after the wall is completely painted. However, the problem can be already too complicated to address during that time. If the wall is painted with […]

Simple Guide on Sanding Table Tops

In a family or home, a table is usually considered to be its center as it is where people gather to eat. It is also the place where people entertain their guests and share the news with each other. Perhaps you own a kitchen table that has been in existence for years or found a […]

Tips on Sanding Down a Door That Rubs

One of the most irritating and damaging issues in a household is a door that rubs the floor when opened or closed. In order to fix this kind of problem, most people simply tighten the screws in order to secure the door in place. However, it is natural for the screws to loosen up due […]

A Basic Guide on Sanding Cedar Siding

Used by many homes all over the United States, cedar is considered by many homeowners to be one of the most attractive and durable building materials. Cedar is noted for its ease of use, lightweight nature, and stability. It can also be easily sanded in order to eliminate any defects on the surface as well […]

Addressing Common Belt Sander Issues

Belt sanders are unique power tools, used preferably to cover wide areas in a shorter amount of time. Their power and capability to remove material quickly and efficiently make them the choice of sander for initial leveling jobs. While a good number of belt sanders are handheld, there are many belt sanders that are stationary, […]

Discussing The Difference Between A Planer And A Sander

You may be wondering where a planer is used, and where a sander is most effective in. While larger companies may have both tools readily available to them, you may need to make a choice between the two for your own workshop. Simply put, you would need a planer for jobs which involve production and […]

A Guide To Belt Sanding Flooring Properly

Pre-Sanding Inspection It helps to take a critical look at your belt sander before you actually start using it on any surface, regardless of it being a simple table or a wide floor space. Carefully position the belt sander so you see the underbelly of the machine, and check to see that there are no […]

Using Your Belt Sander To Sharpen… A Knife ?

You’re probably pretty good at finishing smaller wood pieces or other components for bigger pieces using your belt sander, but did you know that these machines are built for more purposes than just smoothing wood? With the same power and capacity, you can definitely use your own belt sander to sharpen metal tools; knives, to […]

An Introduction To Belt Sanders

If you’re on a woodworking project that requires the leveling of a bigger surface area, then nothing beats the power and overall ability of a belt sander. These power tools are the definite go-to instruments if you’re looking to clear paint or varnish from old tables or other pieces of furniture in a hurry. If […]

Dual-Action Sanders – General Information

Sanders are essential to any serious craftsman and woodworker. There is no substitute to a good sander when it comes to smoothing and levelling any sort of surface. When an enthusiast is in the market for a sander, he or she may be tempted to buy one advertised as a dual-action sander. While they are […]

Save By Making Your Own Sanding Belts

While manufacturers try to make them sound more fancy and sophisticated, sanding belts are simply strips of coarse and abrasive paper and even cloth. As long as they fit properly around the two spools of your belt sander, then they should fit the bill, smoothing and polishing wood and even metal like any other sanding […]

5 Tips To Make You An Expert In Sanding

If you’re serious about woodworking, then you should know that sanding is one of the skills that you ought to know and practice. No matter how big or small your project is, it is through sanding that you ensure a smooth and professional finish each and every time.

A Guide To The Belt Sander Dust Bag

Today’s belt sanders come with more advanced and more thoughtful features than they ever have had. While companies have been constantly improving on the actual belt sander mechanisms and handling, there has also been the pleasant addition of a dust collection system in the most recent iterations of belt sanders. These belt sanders come with […]

Belt Sander Tips and Guidelines for Any Sanding Job

No hardcore woodworker or overall DIY man is without a sander, and no operator who has great surface areas to level is without a belt sander in particular. These handheld belt sanders are an absolute joy to use for purposes of covering entire tables and floors, and even walls and ceilings in a flash. Like […]

Belt Sander Safety Tips

One look at a belt sander may leave you with a false sense of security which states that they aren’t necessarily as menacing and as intimidating as bladed power tools such as circular power saws or wood chippers. However, the fact of the matter is, it is still a tool, and it is still a […]