Best Benchtop Belt Disc Sander Reviews 2020

Sanders can be of many types. Two of those are belt sanders and disc sanders. Depending on your need as a woodworker, these two belt sanders may only accommodate certain demands: belt sanders for larger materials and disc sanders for smaller ones. But if you are a wise woodworker, you would choose a 2-in-1 sander commonly called as Belt Disc Sanders. This combination is actually very good and useful.

If you want to know about them, below are best belt disc sander reviews to readily equip you as a woodworker.

Best Belt Disc Sanders Reviews 2020

1. Wen 6502 4 x 36-Inch Belt with 6-Inch Disc Sander

The Wen 6502 is a sanding machine that can sand, remove and smoothen the rough edges of wood. It has a belt of 4 x 36 inches and disc of 6 inches. Mention has to be made about this spacious belt which can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees with ease, thus making the process of sanding effortless for the user. Again with a cast iron base that can bear heavy mechanism it is a blessing for those who aspire to work with professionally.

The Wen 6502 has a 4.3 Amp motor which can produce an amazing 3600 RPM to work with. So you know how fast you can work with it which is a boon especially if you are running a busy schedule. This powerful motor ensures the machine is never slowed down with heavier projects. One aspect that should not be left unnoticed is that of the dust port of 2.25-inch which keeps the working area clean. Furthermore the machine is engineered with state of the art technique for which the tension releasing lever can make sanding simple of all tasks for sure. This is one of the reasons why most users have found it to be a great bench top belt sander without a doubt. Read our detailed WEN 6502 Review.

2. Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander

The Rockwell RK7866 is a sturdy tabletop sander that works with a flexible belt ( 4X36 inches ). This belt can be aligned to any position from 0 to 90 degrees which means it can work on projects at different angles. This sander is set on a durable aluminum table and has a dust port which certainly keeps the work area tidy. Its motor runs on 1/2 horsepower which makes it pretty fast for a small with a weight of 45.1 pounds.

The Rockwell RK7866 means business and is a highly admired tool by woodwork professionals. Of course you can use it for your DIY home projects without too much of a difficulty because it is a quiet machine much against the popular notion that a sander will be noisy. In addition to all this, the Rockwell RK7866 has a 45 degrees miter gauge and tension release mechanism for quick change of belts. Most users of this machine have found it to be a good investment and well made that is hard to find a quality in tools within this price range. It is one of the best horizontal belt sander for woodwork. Read our Rockwell RK7866 Review.

3. Rikon 50-112 4-Inch x 36-Inch Belt 6-Inch Disc Sander

Now The Rikon 50-112 is here to rule and there is no one messing with that. This is because it is a hard-wearing table top sander made out of cast iron and steel. Nonetheless, it has to be stated that it provides vibration free working which is quite a surprising feature of this machine. This metallic frame makes the machine strong and supports it thoroughly to work with intense projects. This machine weighs 43 pounds which makes it stable and allows you to work with comfortably.

The Rikon 50-112 has a disc moves with a speed of 3450 RPM torque thus making it more reliable. Then again the belt moves with a speed of 1900 SFPM that provides the ultimate finishing to any woodwork. This means, that you can work unhindered with it for hours. It can endure a lot of load because of its solid built and smooth operation. The dust port keeps the work area neat which is another distinguished constituent of this machine. The kind of work it delivers has impressed most of its users till this date and almost everyone finds it worth the money. Read our detailed Rikon 50-112 Review.

Benefits Of Belt Disc Sanders

      • Buying a belt disc sander is cost-efficient. Even if it costs higher than a belt sander or a disc sander, it actually costs cheaper in the long run than buying one of each type of sander combined.
      • Choosing a belt disc sander not only saves you money, but also time and energy. This is because you don’t have to come running to a home depot looking for a disc sander upon realizing that the belt sander that you bought for your last project does not support your need for the next project. Having a 2-in-1 sander takes away that worry.
      • Since belt disc sanders runs two types of sanders, they are expected to work on large woodwork projects. It can accommodate the majority of a woodworker’s needs for great results.


      • Stationary – Most belt disc sanders are designed stationary—the reason why it weighs a good number of pounds. With this, it gives the woodworker a smooth and consistent work for not giving him or her a hard time putting in the right place.
      • Heavy-duty – Belt disc sanders are also intended to be used for any type of woodwork. They are meant to last long and will still work after countless projects have been done with it.
      • Serviceable – Since belt disc sanders consist of both belt and disc sanders, they are expected to be used most of the time. They are indeed ready-to-use and practical instead of having one belt sander and another disc sander.


      • Storage– Having belt disc sanders may give you a headache where to store them. They are actually bigger for having two types of sanders in one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you tilt the platforms/working tables?

      • There is actually a handle with numbers installed beside the platforms or working tables so you will know that you have adjusted the platforms or the working tables to your desired angles. You’ll just have to loosen up the handle, usually by rotating it, and move it on the angle of your preference. Tighten the handle back on to make sure that your platforms or working tables are steady.

Can it work if I use materials other than wood?

      • Yes, but you will have to use more abrasive sandpapers. Other materials, like glass, may take off the abrasive grits which may have you replace it for a new one.


Belt disc sander is a woodworker’s best friend. They are trustworthy for its durability to withstand even difficult woodwork projects. Although they might be a little too heavy to bring to different locations, you can always do more with belt disc sanders. With this best belt disc sander reviews, you will surely become a more competent woodworker. Do check out the best belt sander, and wood routers too!

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