Best Dog Clippers Reviews 2016 – 2017

You can find the best dog clippers in the market nowadays. They come in a variety of designs and styles that you will surely appreciate. If you are able to pick the perfect design for your task, you’ll surely get the performance you are aiming for.

One of the reasons why customers buy them is because of their durability. It is also very easy to learn and the results are very promising. You don’t need to be a professional pet groomer when using these professional dog groomer clippers.

All the trimming needs of your pet dog will not be a problem anymore. Say goodbye to weekly visits to grooming shops in your neighborhood. Check out the different brands in this buying guide.

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Best Dog Clippers Review

Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Clipper

If you are looking for the best dog trimmers in town, then Maxshop Low Noise Clipper is what you are looking for. This operates with low noise and low vibration. This quiet design is perfect for you if you cannot tolerate long-standing loud noise.

It only produces 50 decibels of sound, similar to conversational noise. Aside from this, the motor is made from fine copper which makes it really powerful. This also ensures that no hair will be pulled out accidentally.

The cordless design makes it easy to use aside from the fact that it is lightweight. When you buy Maxshop Low Noise Clipper, a charger will be included in the package. If it’s already fully charged, you can use it for more than an hour.

To make it really convenient, the clipping comb is adjustable. It depends on the length of the hair of your dog. The 4 guide combs are detachable for easy replacement. Each comb has its own measurement. You can choose from 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.

Cordless dog clippers are given the advantage of being versatile. The blade is also notable because it’s made from steel. The moving and fixed blade can deliver excellent performance when it comes to its cutting capacity.

When it comes to its notification, you can manage it in three styles. You can set the collar setting to 2.00 mm. All you need to do is to push the blade down while you are holding it. If ever you have a dog with thicker fur, you need to use scissors first to avoid the clipper jamming clipper.

Maxshop Dog clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless...
642 Reviews
Maxshop Dog clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless...
  • SUPER QUIET : Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to...
  • CORDLESS DESIGN : Light weight and cordless design for easy use. The pet grooming kit is equipped with a charger....
  • 4 GUIDE COMBS : The adjustable clipping comb is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths; and the detachable...

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Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Clipper

The Sminiker Professional Clipper is one of the most popular professional dog groomer clippers in the market. Its use is perfect for its functionalities. This cordless version comes with a charger in the package and can be used for 70 minutes when it’s fully charged.

The blades are notable for its durability and precision when it comes to its cutting mechanism. This ensures that your dog’s hair won’t be stuck while you are trimming your pet’s hair. The mobile titanium blades of this dog clipper are three times better than other ordinary blades in the market.

Just like other dog clippers in the market, it also comes with 4 adjustable combs. You can choose from 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12 mm depending on how thick the hair or fur. This dog clipper has the ability to deliver professional trimming. You can even use it if you like to trim the entire body fur of your dog.

This is surely pet-friendly because the motor is designed to have lower vibration and noise. Users will also find it very comfortable to hold. Aside from this, you’ll be able to make precise trims because it will not vibrate much.

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As one of the heavy-duty dog clippers, professional dog groomers prefer using it on their clients’ pets. This trimmer has received several positive reviews from its users. They noted that even their pets find it user-friendly.

If you are looking for a trimmer that has everything that you need like the pet scissors, chargers, combs, and other pet-grooming devices, then Sminiker Professional Clipper should be one of your options.

Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and...
525 Reviews
Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and...
  • Heavy-duty gear for proper powerful cut, with stable and steady control.
  • Titanium acute-angle blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for smooth and efficient cutting.
  • New user friendly, we provide 3-6-9-12mm level limiting combs with the package. With limiting comb you can safely trim...

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Oster A5 Turbo Pet Grooming Clipper

As one of the best dog grooming clippers, the Oster A5 is best used by professional groomers. Don’t worry, even if you’re not a professional groomer you can still use it especially if you own more than two dogs.

The rotary motor of this trimmer is so powerful that it can be set at different speed levels. You should set the speed according to the thickness of your pet’s hair. The good news is that this clipper is applicable to almost all kinds of breeds.

Just like other noiseless trimmers, the Oster A5 is super quiet while it operates. This is the reason why it is recommended for indoor regular use. The dogs won’t be frightened by the sound and vibration it creates.

As for the blades, they operate in two speeds. You can either choose from 3000 or 4000 strokes within just 60 seconds. This is very practical especially if you will work on different thickness of coats.

The important thing here is how much time you will be able to save when you do the trimming. Low-quality clippers usually experience jams and technical malfunctions. This clipper ensures that your trimming activity won’t be hindered by clogs in the clipper.

Another notable feature of this clipper is its unbreakable housing. This contributes to its longevity. This is also the reason why this product is the number one choice of most professional dog groomers.

To top all the features, the blade is antimicrobial. It helps in warding off scrapes and cuts on the dog’s skin right after cutting or trimming his hair. Aside from this, your dog will not be burnt because of the built-in cooler.

Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed Heavy Duty...
1504 Reviews
Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed Heavy Duty...
  • Powerful, heavy-duty, 2 speed universal motor delivers 3000 SPM / 4000 SPM (strokes per minute)
  • Recommended for dogs, cats, horses and livestock
  • Detachable A5 blade system makes blade changes quick and easy

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Andis Easy-Clip Blade Clipper

This clipper is one of the best clippers for dogs which feature break-resistant body housing. Andis Pro-Animal Clipper is famous for its durability compared to other clippers in its league. There is also lesser chance of dropping it because of the easy-grip feature.

Using this to groom your dog will be easy because the contours are made for human grip. The electric motor is similar with electric shavers. The clipper is equipped with a long cord for bigger dogs. To make it convenient, an additional feature is added to make it suitable for trimming thicker coats.

This pet clipper is best when you’re going to use it for thick-haired buddies like poodles and spaniels. The extra powerful motor is perfectly fit for this tough-to-cut fur. It also ensures that it won’t fluctuate while you’re in the process of trimming.

In terms of the blade, it is made from ceramic and it is detachable for cleaning purposes. Even if you use it for months, it will stay as sharp as before. Aside from this, your dog will not be threatened because it runs with a cool feeling on the dog.

The impact-resistant house of Andis Easy-Clip prevents it from getting damaged from accidental falls and drops. You will be happy to know that this clipper can withstand those frustrating bumps.

There are also four detachable combs that you can use depending on the type of your dog’s hair. You can decide to use the 1/8-inch blade if you would like to trim it a little. If you would like to make it remarkably short, then it is recommended to use the ½-inch comb.

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Andis UltraEdge AGC

The Andis UltraEdge AGC is one of the best pet clippers when it comes to high-speed trimming mechanism. This can provide professional grooming to your pet. This dog clipper is made for dogs that are not overly sensitive to vibration and heat.

This is recommended for smaller breeds of dogs that need trimming. The blade can handle tough coats of dogs. You don’t need to be a professional groomer in order to yield positive results from this clipper.

This Andis UltraEdge AGC has a wide array of blades that you could choose from. This model comes with 10 Ultra Edge blades that would work on different kinds of dogs. It is notable because of its ability to do 3400 and 4400 strokes within 60 minutes.

It is also built with safety in mind. This dog clipper has a locking switch so you won’t accidently turn it on and off. For those who usually forget to turn devices off, then this is the dog clipper for you.

Your movement won’t be limited because of the 14’’ cord of this dog clipper. It is longer compared to other brands in the market; that is why most professional groomers consider it as one of their top choices. It allows them to make precise cuts and trims.

Some users tried using it to their Golden-Doodles. This breed can grow their hair tremendously thick at such speed. They noted that Andis UtraEdge AGC could make nice cuts on their dog without damaging the sleekness of the coat. Aside from that, they could cut it in just one go.

Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade...
369 Reviews
Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade...
  • Cool and quiet running.
  • Perfect for all coats and breeds.
  • Detachable blade design for ease of changing and cleaning.

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Best Dog Clippers Buying Guide

Dog trimmers are made for pet owners and groomers. It is specifically made for coat trimming. You can check out a lot of styles in the market and find out what are the best dog clippers available. If you know what makes a quality set of clippers can spell out a good difference in terms of performance.

Kind of Trimming

trimming paw

You need to determine what kind of trimming you would like to do on your dog so you could choose the perfect style and design of the dog clipper. Below are the common situations and factors that you need to consider.

1) Trimming the Foot for Stray Hairs – If you are just going to trim the foot hair of your dog, it is advisable to make use of light clippers. You can even choose a cheap clipper because it can already do the job.

2) Trimming for Good Coat – If you want to keep your dog’s coat all neat and trimmed down, then professional dog groomer clippers are needed in this case. It is better if the clipper that you’ll use has a wide array of blades to choose from.

Mid-range set of dog clippers can accommodate different kinds of breeds, large or small. The price of these trimmers will not go beyond what you can afford.

3) Trimming for Style – If you are after style for your dog’s coat, then you might want to consider getting professional dog trimmers. Of course, they tend to have a higher price, but you’ll surely get the value of your money.

The quality is ensured to be beyond a professional groomer’s expectations. You can choose the speed and you get to choose different blades according to the kind of trimming that you’ll do. The best thing about them is that they are usually cordless.

Dog’s Coat Matters

close up trimming coat

You should always remember that the type of your dog’s coat greatly determines the appropriate dog clipper for him.

  • Coats That are Thin – You will surely don’t need a heavy-duty clipper if your dog has a thin coat. It is advisable to choose low maintenance clippers and electromagnetic motor clippers. Less effort is needed to keep their coats neat and clean.
  • Medium Thickness Coat – If your dog has a thicker coat, it needs more grooming. In this case, pivot motor clippers are the best to use. More power is needed to successfully trim down excess hair frays. You can also make use of electromagnetic motor but be sure its capacity will fit your requirement.
  • Heavy Coat – Rotary motors are the best to use if the clipper is going to be used for heavy thick coats. It has the capability to cut through the tough thick fur. This professional grade trimmer contains different blade attachments.
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This allows you to change the blade depending on the breed of dog you are trimming. This is applicable for the regular grooming of dogs. Professional groomers ought to have this type of dog clippers.

How to Choose the Right Dog Clipper

dog clippers

Indeed, dog trimmers are practical grooming tools that you can maximize if you have dogs or are a professional dog groomer. Dog clippers are an important component of a grooming kit, especially for dogs.

They help in maintaining coats neat and clean. Even dogs for shows benefit from the grooming features of dog clippers. Aside from this, your dog’s coat will surely grow healthier and sleeker.

1) Maintenance Free Clippers – It is very convenient to have dog clippers that are maintenance-free. Imagine that you need to keep on applying oil to your clipper to keep from getting stiff or clogged. It is such a messy job. If you want to avoid this kind of a hassle, it is advisable to avail dog clippers that won’t require maintenance.

2) Runs Cool – If you’re going to choose your trimmers, it is best to choose those that don’t require built-in fans or vents to keep it cool. They will just contribute to the clogging of your clippers. Aside from this, they also tend to get hot, and that’s a big no for your dog.

Cool-running trimmers are perfect for longtime and regular use. They will stay cool no matter how long you use it. Your pet won’t get traumatized by burns as well.

3) Design of the Dog Clipper – You can see from a dog clipper review that most users consider the ergonomic design of a dog clipper. It should be comfortable and easy to hold to avoid falls. Professional groomers should take note of this factor because they are the ones who will usually use dog clippers.

4) Anti-Rust Blades – The blade is the most important part of the dog clipper. It should be rust-free and chemical resistant. You wouldn’t like to accidentally cut the dog’s skin with the rusty blade because your pet can acquire infection from it.

Detachable blades are very handy and you can easily dispose of it if it’s no longer effective. This is applicable if you need to groom different breeds of dogs. Professional groomers will benefit from this kind of blade.

5) Sturdy Housing – It is normal to drop your dog clipper. To protect it from premature damage, choose a trimmer that has break-resisting feature. This feature protects it from damages and breaking.

6) Speed Variable – Heavy grooming should make use of a dog clipper with different speed settings. You should choose a clipper with 2-speed modes, at least. It’ll be more flexible and versatile. You can adjust it based on the type of breed you are grooming.

7) Noiseless Operation – Remember that some dogs become wary with loud noises. In this case, it is recommended to choose a quiet-operating dog clipper. That will keep them still while you are grooming them. It’ll keep them calm.

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If you are able to use dog clippers appropriately, your dogs will surely end up having healthier and neater coats. It is critical to have the best dog clippers to keep your dog looking great and clean.

The Oster A5 is recommended for professional groomers and home users because it has a wide array of features that you can use with much flexibility. The blades are detachable and you can set the speed according to the breed of the dog.

This buying guide contains vital information on what type of blades you need to use. Aside from this, valuable information is also given to help you in choosing the perfect dog clipper for your need.

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