Porter-Cable PCB420SA Bench Sander Review

It’s always a joy to be able to finish your projects on time, and with this comes the responsibility of finding a good tool to work with. When you’re dealing with woodworks then you might want to consider getting the help of the Porter-Cable PCB420SA Belt with 8″ Disc Bench Sander. The Porter-Cable PCB420SA is a highly durable tool that can sand the edges of wood and plastic so that they look and feel smoother.

You can trust that the Porter-Cable PCB420SA will deliver a wonderful performance to your work. You are able to use a two-in-one tool that is not only reliable but is also durable and safe to use. The multitasking ability of the Porter-Cable PCB420SA makes it really one of a kind and a useful tool that can make the workload a whole lot easier to handle.

Working With The Powerful Porter-Cable PCB420SA

When you’re looking for a tool with amazing power then you can trust that the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is able to give you that. It has a powerful 3/4 HP induction ball monitor which is able to give at least 3,450 RPMs with its belt and 2,160 FPM for the disc.

With this amount of power, you can be sure that the Porter-Cable PCB420SA will be able to get your work done in the smallest amount of time. The sanding power of this tool is amazing and proficient. You can also see that the sander has a standard belt that measures 4×46” and discs with 8” diameter.

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There is the single knob belt tracking adjustment option in the Porter-Cable PCB420SA that gives you the opportunity to fine tune a belt simply. It also has a quick release belt tension control so that you can control the belt and change it whenever you need it.

You also don’t need to worry about the dust since there is a built-in dust port as well as bag that can help clear your area of unnecessary sawdust. You can also find two big die-cast aluminum tables which also tilt around 0-45 degrees for a better disc and belt sanding.

High-Quality Performance

One of the best things that the Porter-Cable PCB420SA gives is that it is durable and high quality. The body construction of the tool is very durable and you don’t have to worry about the tool breaking down when you’re working.

Whether it may be woodwork or plastic work, the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is sure to give you the heavy duty power that you need for your projects. Not only that but the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is also able to work when you need to rush for a deadline, you don’t need to wait for one tool to finish since with this tool you can actually do more than one thing at a time.

You can also find a reliable miter gauge available when you want to work with hard to reach angle cuts on either side of the table. You can also be sure that the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is very easy to work with, the belt is easy to operate and the disc is also operational and you won’t have trouble finding the right end when you start working. A good and reliable tool like Porter-Cable PCB420SA will be able to help you out a lot when you’re working with more projects all at the same time.

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Porter-Cable PCB420SA Features

  • It has separate aluminum tables, one for a sanding disc and another one for the belt and the miter gauge
  • Has a powerful ball with 3/4 HP induction monitor that gives power
  • Can work with small and larger sanding projects with woodwork
  • Has a sanding belt that can tilt up to 90 degrees in vertical position
  • The sanding belt has unsupported underside which makes it easier for you to sand those with hard to reach angles
  • It has a dust collection system complete with a dust bag and adjustable port
  • Includes a cast iron base that helps reduce the vibration and keeps the sander in stable condition when in usage

Porter-Cable PCB420SA Review

The Porter-Cable PCB420SA is able to get 8.3 out of 10 in reviews from customers. It also garnered positive feedback from happy customers. A lot of them loved the power that the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is able to give them when working. It is very powerful and is able to handle large and small jobs when needed, the customers also loved that the belt is very easy to tilt when they needed to adjust it. The tracking on the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is also commendable and the customers appreciated how easy it was to change the belt.

The way that the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is able to make everything easier for the customers is one of the biggest reasons why they love using it. It is not only great for heavy duty work but it is also equipped with rapid power and efficient dust ports.

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Things To Improve

There are however some parts where the Porter-Cable PCB420SA can definitely improve upon. Sometimes the dust port is overused and would fail to work. There are some customers who have experienced this and needed to change its parts.

On the other hand, some woodworkers feel as if the tools is not up to their expectations as they needed much more heavy duty tools to work with them. This can also be a case to case basis since it would also depend on what materials you are working on and how big they are for the Porter-Cable PCB420SA to handle.


Basically, the Porter-Cable PCB420SA is really something that you would want to have when you’re working with wood and plastic materials. You need a reliable sander, you have this product at the tips of your fingers. It is very useful, efficient, cost effective and can lessen the time that you spend on working.

The Porter-Cable PCB420SA is something a practical person would have as it saves time and effort in working with sanding either with the belt or with the disc. Do check out other best belt disc sander and belt sander too!

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