StrongSuit 20300-L Motorcycle Gloves Review

StrongSuit 20300-L Motorcycle Gloves Review

StrongSuit is the leading manufacturer of leather motorcycle gloves. Their best-selling item is the StrongSuit 20300-L Voyager. Like their other products, it is made of high-quality cowhide leather. A lot of men buy this item as it adds appeal to their manly looks.

However, StrongSuit 20300-L motorcycle gloves aren’t just a mere piece of fashion accessory. It also protects your hands from hard impacts and abrasions. Furthermore, it gives comfort to your hands regardless of the circumstances and weather conditions. Truly, it is a glove that you should look for if you are planning to get this gear.

Made from Durable Materials That Protect Your Hands from Harm

The 20300-L features top-grade cowhide leather fabric. Not only does it add appeal to your look but also gives protection for your hands. It keeps your hands protected from injuries caused by vehicular accidents.

Aside from that, the knuckles are integrated with armor. It serves as an additional layer of strength to keep your hands away from injuries. The knuckles are also reflective so other bikers will see you during the night. Thus, the risk of road accidents will be reduced.

A Functional Pair of Gloves That You Can Wear Anytime

The reason men bikers get these leather motorcycle gloves is because of its sleek appearance and style. But as we said earlier, it’s more than just a fashion accessory. It is a multifunctional tool that you can wear anytime.

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The top part of the glove is made from mesh materials that keep your hands dry on summer days. Your hands won’t get sweaty even if you’ve been wearing them for hours. The fingers are also pre-curved to make it easier for you to hold the handlebars while driving.

The StrongSuit Voyager comes in different sizes, from extra small to extra large. In that way, anyone can use these biker gloves, regardless of their hand size.

StrongSuit 20300-L Motorcycle Gloves Features and Specifications

The StrongSuit Voyager gloves have a lot of features to offer, making the apparel stylish but easy to wear. Below are some of the features and the benefits of this item.

  • Excellent Fit – It provides a great fit to your hands, thanks to the pre-curved and fixed form features.
  • Sleek and Stylish – Because of its appearance, it adds class to your style.
  • Optimum Safety – The gloves feature an integrated armor that protects your hands from injuries caused by accidents. Furthermore, they are intended to be reflective to prevent a collision at night.
  • High-Quality Leather – The motorcycle riding gloves come from the cow’s skin, making it strong and durable compared to its competitors.
  • Great Measurements – It comes in 7 sizes, allowing you to choose a pair of gloves that fit your hands perfectly.
  • Integrated Knuckles – This feature provides additional protection for your hands to prevent serious damages when an accident occurs.

StrongSuit 20300-L Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

StrongSuit 20300-L has received numerous great reviews; thus, we are giving it an 8 out of 10 rating. Many buyers seem to be happy with the quality of the gloves.

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According to a user from California, he wanted a pair of gloves that he could use for a long time. His friend recommended this product; thus, he bought it. He liked the softness of the fabric and the Velcro.

But the one thing that he liked most was the gloves’ durability. He compared it to his previous gloves and was satisfied with the product’s resistance.

Another thing that they like is the style. Most of the users were saying they like the look of the glove.

Things to Improve

The StrongSuit gloves are one of the stylish gloves today. However, it doesn’t mean it is perfect. Of course, it still has some flaws.

One of the complaints of its buyers is the size. The gloves are too small for the actual size. Nonetheless, this issue can be solved easily. You may simply buy a pair that is bigger than what you want to get. For instance, if you have a pair of big hands, go for the extra-large size as this is a perfect fit.


The StrongSuit 20300-L motorcycle gloves are one of the best-selling gears in the market today. This accessory adds class to your style, thanks to the leather cloth and reflective knuckles.

However, it’s more than just an accessory. It can also serve as your protection for your hands. In that way, you won’t injure yourself when an accident occurs.

Getting the right size for your hands is a bit tricky, even if there’s a guide. Fortunately, you can solve this issue easily. You simply need to buy a pair that is bigger than the size that you wanted to get. If you know the trick, you will get to enjoy the comfort that it gives.

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