Xelement 98111 Motorcycle Gloves Review

Xelement 98111 Motorcycle Gloves Review

Xelement is one of the leading distributors of leather motorcycle apparel. They provide leather jeans, boots, jackets, and other accessories that you can wear while riding your bike. Nevertheless, their most in-demand product is the Xelement gloves, and the most popular model is their winter motorcycle gloves.

The Xelement men’s leather motorcycle winter gloves are made from high-quality leather. Not only does it add class to your style, but it also provides protection for your hands. The padding with insulation keeps your hands dry and warm especially in the cold months. Furthermore, the padding guards your hands against injuries when an accident occurs.

Perfect for Winter Riders

If you are a winter rider, then the Xelement motorcycle winter gloves are for you. It features a padding with insulation that traps the air inside it. It keeps your hands warm while driving no matter how cold it is.

Furthermore, it has longer cuffs to prevent the cold air from entering your gloves. It is also waterproof to keep your hands dry. The warm lining and contoured shell restrict the elements from coming in and keep your hands warm. It still allows your hands to breathe even if it is air-tight though.

Optimum Protection in Case of Collision

Many bikers wear Xelement motorcycle winter gloves as a fashion accessory, but it’s more than that. This pair of motorbike gloves gives protection for your hands. The pads across the knuckles ensure that your fingers can bend well. The leather fabric on the palms promotes better grip and protects your wrists if ever you fall from the bike.

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The wrists and cuffs can be easily adjusted, thanks to the hoop-and-loop arrangement. Hence, you won’t have any problem while wearing the gloves.

Xelement Motorcycle Winter Gloves Features and Specifications

The Xelement biker gloves have a lot of features to offer. Below are the components that you will get from this gear.

  • Premium Leather – It is made from high-quality cow’s skin, making the gloves strong and durable.
  • Waterproof Properties – It keeps your hands dry even if your surroundings are wet.
  • Insulated and Lightweight – The lightweight materials provide comfort while the insulation keeps your hands warm.
  • Stylish Design – It adds class to your outfit and helps you stand out in the crowd.
  • Fully Functional – This lets you move your fingers freely while driving.
  • Great Size – It comes in five sizes so you can get a pair that fits you perfectly.

Xelement Motorcycle Winter Glove Reviews

Based on the reviews that we’ve read, we give Xelement motorcycle winter gloves an 8 out of 10 rating. Many people are happy with the quality and the fit.

One of the common issues of many well-known glove brands is the size. They had to get a bigger pair than their actual measurements to fit perfectly. However, these gloves fit just fine.

According to one of the buyers, he got the large-sized gloves because his hands are pretty big. When he wore the gloves, he was happy that the pair fits well. Thus, he recommended it to other buyers who happen to have bigger hands as well.

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Another good point is the quality. One of the users said that the leather is soft and beautiful, and the stitching is well-seamed. Another buyer said that the gloves are durable. No wonder many people give it a high approval rating.

Things to Improve

The gloves don’t seem to possess any weakness. However, it doesn’t mean it’s impeccable. There are some issues that users complain about.

First is the insulation feature. Indeed, it keeps your hands warm up to 30 degrees. But when the temperature reaches 20 degrees, the cold air starts to penetrate. Nevertheless, it provides comfort to your hands during the cold season.

Another issue is the thickness. According to a user, the gloves are thick, making it difficult to drive. However, if you are a passenger, then you can wear these gloves as they really keep your hands warm.

These are some of the issues for this product. However, these are only minor defects. If you want to get these gloves, be sure to consider the climate in your area.


The Xelement motorcycle winter gloves are one of the best-selling gears of the company. Not only does it may you stand out in the crowd but it also provides comfort and protection. It is made from premium leather with insulation to keep you in style but comfortable during the cold months.

Even if the item has some minor flaws, you can have it replaced for free if the gloves don’t work as advertised.

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