Best Bumper Plates Reviews 2017 – 2018

Getting into a sports competition takes time and persistence. You will not be able to compete well and level with your rivals unless you are trained well.

If you are planning to enhance your weight training or get serious with Crossfit, it is time to find the right tools for your workout. One of the most important training sets you should look for are the best bumper plates.

Akin to other products on the market for bodybuilding or weightlifting, the selection will also be confusing. Prior to investing in a set, you should ensure that you are paying for a worth-it array of features. To help you with the selection, the following buying guide will help:

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Best Bumper Plates Review

X Training Equipment Premium Color Bumper Plate

These bumper plates are designed for Crossfit workouts. It is available in a variety of colors and made from a solid rubber material. Its durability’s assurance is proven by its long-lasting component, beginning with its steel insert.

The construction of X Training Equipment Premium Color Bumper Plate is also made for low bounce or impact reduction. This will keep your bumpers and bar useful for frequent training.

According to X Training Equipment, these bumper plates are meant to be lifted and put down. It is also designed by athletes, Crossfit coaches, and Olympic lifting experts. With the aid of its steel inserts, the bumpers will fit snugly on your bar.

X Training Equipment Premium Color Bumper Plate can be used at home, in the gym, or anywhere available. Given the availability of its different colors to specify a variety of weights, you can immediately select one based on your preferences.

Compared to the soft bumpers available on the market, you will find these weights more durable. These are designed to survive even the most strenuous training you will go through. It is also constantly tested by dropping without causing damage to the floor or itself.

In case you are working out in a confined space, these will be the most suitable bumpers because they do not bounce even when striking the floor.

As for the value, you will be surprised that these competition-level bumper plates are actually less expensive than their counterparts. Their high quality proves that it is worth every penny.


  • Does not bounce
  • Ideal for any spaces
  • Color-coded weights
  • Does not generate noise
  • Certified for competition use


  • May smell for a while
X Training Equipment Premium Color Bumper Plate Solid...
117 Reviews
X Training Equipment Premium Color Bumper Plate Solid...
  • Pro-grade: Trust the brand found in commercial gyms across the US. X Training olympic plates outperform the competition.
  • Solid Construction: Go ahead and PR that lift without worrying about your plates. Designed for low bounce and high...
  • Fits Olympic Bars: X Training weight plates fit standard 2" olympic barbells.

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CAP Barbell Black Rubber Bumper Plates

These plates are made out of recycled and virgin rubber. Paired with this solid material is a cast iron center. The resilience of the bumpers has been demanded worldwide as well.

If you are training in a gym, you will not have an issue with flooring protection since it has a low bounce feature. The ability to snug fit onto any bars is also guaranteed by this product since its inserts are made from steel.

Regardless of not using collars, CAP Barbell Black Rubber Bumper Plates will not roll along the sleeve of your bars. The plates are odorless despite being made from rubber as well. All of the plates in the set have similar diameters.

As for the thickness, the measurement may vary depending on the weight of the bumper. Similar to other standard bumper plates, it comes in the color black.

The CAP Barbell Black Rubber Bumper Plates are also meant to eliminate the noise while training. This will allow you to still enjoy your workout music even when dropping the plates.

This also implies that you can use the bumpers at home without worrying about your neighbors complaining about disturbances. You can utilize it on garage floors, gyms, and platforms. In case you have old bumper plates at home, this set is a suitable replacement.

It can fit a standard Olympic bar since its holes have a diameter of two inches. Though its 10-pound plates are thin, they are certainly solid.


  • Low bounce feature
  • Does not generate noise
  • Reinforced metal for protection
  • Suitable for any flooring
  • Does not have odor


  • Ships with grease
CAP Barbell Bumper Plate Set, 50-Pound
74 Reviews
CAP Barbell Bumper Plate Set, 50-Pound
  • Set contains two 25 pound bumper plates
  • Made from virgin and recycled rubber
  • Steel insert allows secure fit and prevents damage to bar

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OneFitWonder Bumper Plates

These bumper plates are designed to rival every high-quality bumpers available on the market. Similar to the previous product, it is made out of virgin rubber instead of the commonly used solid counterpart. It is made to be durable, low in density and not susceptible to bouncing.

It is also claimed to have gone through stringent development procedures, quality control and delivery process on the market. Moreover, it is among those bumper plates that are shipped in good condition.

You could use it in your garage or home gym and it will stand the test of time. The virgin rubber construction of OneFitWonder Bumper Plates is paired with an insert that is made of stainless steel.

Particularly, this component is hooked as described to ensure that it is fixed firmly. It is also designed with a thinner structure, allowing you to carry extra weight on your bar. Since it is developed with low to no bounce feature, it will be ideal for confined areas.

OneFitWonder Bumper Plates also have the same diameter, making the matching and mixing of loads much easier. It is suitable for all types of Olympic bars regardless of size. It is not too brittle, so despite frequent drops, it does not fall apart or create dents.

These plates are designed for a variety of exercises such as snatch, squat, clean and jerk, thrusters, overhead lunge and bench among others.


  • Standard diameter
  • Hooked steel insert
  • Low to no bounce
  • Even weight distribution
  • Thinner construction


  • Creates bounce noise
OneFitWonder 260 Lbs Bumper Plates Set/Virgin Rubber,...
43 Reviews
OneFitWonder 260 Lbs Bumper Plates Set/Virgin Rubber,...
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: This 260lb bumper plates set comes with a pair of: 45, 35, 25, 15 and 10 lb bumper plates.
  • LOW ODOR: These bumper plates have no oily coating, which allows them to have very low - to absolutely no odor, so they...
  • BUILT TO BE DROPPED: Our bumper plates are made of 100% virgin rubber, making this bumper plates set ideal for home gyms...

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X Training Equipment Premium Black Bumper Plate

This is another bumper plates set from X Training Equipment that is made with durability and reliability. You can anticipate this bumper plates to eliminate bounces when dropped. Even after frequent use, it will remain useful for a long time due to its high-quality construction.

Apart from its solid rubber body, it has a steel insert for seamless insertion onto the bars. Akin to the first model from X Training Equipment, it is made to be lifted and put down.

X Training Equipment Premium Black Bumper Plate may not be color-coded, but it is certified for competition use. It is also constructed by athletes, coaches, and Olympic experts. It fits snugly on standard bars used in competitions.

These bumpers are great choices if you want to set up a workout place at home. Nonetheless, X Training Equipment Premium Black Bumper Plate may also be used at a gym.

You can select from a variety of plate pairs, which are categorized based on sizes that range from 5 to 45 pounds. Basically, the bumpers are designed with a diameter of 17.5 inches. Unlike other bumpers available on the market, this set will not provide you plates covered in grease.

There is also minimal odd smell emitted by the material despite being made from hard rubber. As tested by buyers of the product, there would be no issues even if you drop it on a concrete surface.


  • Rugged construction
  • No bounce feature
  • Does not generate noise
  • Steel insert
  • Certified for competition use


  • New product may emit foul smell
X Training Equipment Bumper Plate Pair Solid Rubber...
165 Reviews
X Training Equipment Bumper Plate Pair Solid Rubber...
  • Designed for low bounce, and high durability
  • 180 day warranty against breakage due to any manufacturer defects
  • 10lb Plate width: 90"

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Rep Fitness Bumper Plates

These bumper plates are also designed for Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit. These are made durable to ensure that even the heaviest impacts will not cause a reduction in its lifespan.

Compared to its rivals, Rep Fitness made it possible to add another inch to the thickness of its bumpers. This is for the purpose of having added strength and the avoidance of tacoing. Even its 45-pound plate has a 2.83-inch thickness, giving you ease in lifting it on a bar.

Rep Fitness Bumper Plates will provide you excellent fitness training and competition preparation. In case you have missed your lift, these plates are designed to be dropped without causing too much tension on the bar. Even the surrounding equipment will not be influenced by its drops.

Compared to lowering it, the plates set is designed to be dropped more quickly. If you are also looking into training at home, these plates are good options for noise reduction.

You do not have to wait for the bar to stop bouncing before getting to it again since Rep Fitness Bumper Plates have lower bounce feature. Compared to metal plates, it is will last longer. Its inserts are made from steel instead of brass for superior craftsmanship.

As claimed by its manufacturer, it has the ability to withstand as many as 12,000 drops from an eight-foot high platform. Until today, home and commercial gyms are using these plates.


  • Slides smoothly onto a bar
  • Low bounce feature
  • Withstands frequent drops
  • Thinner than counterparts
  • Suitable for home use


  • Has offensive smell
Rep Bumper Plates for Strength and Conditioning...
101 Reviews
Rep Bumper Plates for Strength and Conditioning...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Set includes a pair of solid rubber 25lb Bumper Plates with steel inserts. They are sized to fit all...
  • CROSS TRAINING ESSENTIALS: A good bumper plate set is the centerpiece for modern HIIT training. Perform Olympic lifts,...
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: We made our 10 lb plates extra thick for high durability, while the 45 lb plates are thinner so you can...

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Best Bumper Plates Buying Guide

Types of Bumper Plates

man putting weight plate on barbell

By definition, bumper plates are weightlifting plates for Olympics and commercial competitions. You will find these plates to be made of hard and thick rubber material. This is the choice of construction to promote safe dropping and prevent plates’ premature damage.

You will find bumper plates in high-rated gyms, ensuring that the flooring will also remain intact despite the heavy impact from the weights. There are varieties of bumper plates, primarily depending on their weight and make.

You will also find bumper plates mostly in black, but there are other choices for you to take note of. To help you create a shortlist of bumpers, you should take into consideration its types.

1) Standard Bumper Plates – These are the ones made for basic fitness training only and not for competitions. It is available in various brands; however, it may not always be the best choice since there have been complaints about easy separation of inserts. You will find it at a considerably lower price, but it may require frequent replacements every half a year.

2) Training Bumper Plates – These bumpers are known to be solid and expensive. Though it is tagged as a costly bumper plate set, it is still available at reasonable packages. You will find this advantageous particularly if you prefer working out outdoors.

It is made for abrasive flooring. However, always watch out for its unexpected bounces. It is not relatively the competition type since it is not pre-calibrated.

3) Competition Bumper Plates – These are found to be more durable, thinner and less expensive than the two previous types of bumpers. Unlike the other ones, competition bumpers are certified by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and have passed the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) standards.

Even if you are not going to compete, this would be a reliable choice if you are looking for tighter tolerances. It can be experienced by lifting the weight indicated by the plate, which is not commonly felt with other bumpers.

What to Look For When Buying

woman with barbell

Purchasing bumper plates also involve taking careful consideration and evaluation of the features a product offers. You cannot simply select an item coming from a well-known brand without checking its reliability. There must be an in-depth assessment of the bumpers’ overall performance prior to investment.

To help you with the selection, take note of the following factors:

1) Durability – You should look for bumper plates that can resist frequent drops and bounces. Remember that you will be dropping these bumpers repeatedly on the ground. This is not a situation your old plates can get used to.

Most likely, having typical plates will only result to frequent replacements. Find tough plates that are constructed to withstand competition-level impacts.

2) Inserts – Inserts are among the most crucial parts of bumper plates. You will notice that bumpers are often made of hard rubber. However, you should look for inserts that are made of stainless steel or similar metallic material. By doing so, you will be able to rack the plates conveniently onto a bar. The fitment will also be tighter, eliminating the warps and movements of the plates.

There are certain products wherein the extended inner ring that is made of steel is also inclusive of the insert. There is only an attachment of construction made of rubber. Alternatively, others may have rings that are coated with rubber.

3) Hard Rubber – Whether you use the bumper plates for weightlifting or Crossfit, what you need is a hard rubber ring. Even if you can find plates coated with plastic, you should avoid purchasing those. Though rubber will never be able to equal steel’s strength, it is still what you need for competitions. Simply aim for a high-quality rubber to guarantee longer-lasting utilization.

Compliance with International Standards. It is best to find bumpers that are designed in compliance with IWF regulatory standards. This ensures that you can rely on its performance since it is dedicated for competitions.

Using/ Safety Tips

olympian holding barbell

Once you have bought the right type of bumpers that will suit your activity best, you should also consider the correct usage of the plates. There are guidelines you need to follow so your training will remain effective and safe.

For bumper plates, even if you are dealing with hard rubber instead of steel, you still have to remain cognizant of precautionary measures.

To jumpstart your efficient use of the bumper plates, here are tips to consider:

1) Choose a Softer Surface –  As much as possible, you should select a training area with a softer surface. This will keep your bumper plates and bar from premature damage.

Regardless of the superior quality of your bumpers, the bar may still receive much tension when you are frequently dropping it. The more energy there is on the impact, the higher the chances of decreasing the equipment’s lifespan. It is ideal to create a platform to protect your tools, which is ideally made of good quality rubber.

2) Create a Sound-Absorbing Solution – When you train at home, there is a chance you would be disturbing your neighbors if you constantly drop your bumpers. Alongside your platform or flooring, you should also use sandpits. Sand has the ability to take in vibrations and prevent bounces.

3) Avoid Putting Extra Iron – Putting extra iron on your bumpers will likely reduce their lifespan. If you think that you may drop the plates while training, it would not be advisable to put additional iron with less than 25-pound bumper plates. Although others still add one iron plate on each side of the bar, they must not weigh more than the heaviest bumper you have used.

4) Maintain the Bumpers Properly – You should spare time to clean and maintain your bumper plates. There are high-quality cleaners out there that are non-damaging and are appropriate for hard rubber. They can be used without dulling its surface. It is best to avoid formulations based on alcohol or those containing highly volatile carriers.

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Considering the guidelines in selecting the right bumpers to buy for weightlifting or Crossfit training, it is apparent who the winner of the round is.

Compared to other products on the list, X Training Equipment Premium Color Bumper Plate has met or even exceeded the top attributes a bumper should possess. It is of high quality and delivers superior performance. The fact that it is certified for competition use and designed with the assistance of athletes already proves it is a great choice.

Alternatively, you may still consider other options if you prefer to. Simply evaluate the products carefully. Take note that the success of your workout also depends on the quality of your equipment.

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