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Best Car Alarm Reviews 2020

For more than a decade, car alarms have been a crucial automobile requirement for people. The market considers the keyless remote start car alarms most valuable today.

Nonetheless, there are too many brands offering the said product. Until now, many people still look for the best car security system due to rampant theft in every city.

The price value only implies selection of the product must be stringent enough. You must look for a car alarm that will comply with your safety requirements with the perks of additional features worth the investment.

Best Car Alarm Review

1. Directed Electronics Avital 4103LX Remote Start System


This is a remote car alarm that requires the BYPASS module for setup. The security system includes dual remote transmitters. Furthermore, it is designed with optional panic mode sound alongside the capability to control your parking lights during an alert.

Besides its customizable panic mode, it also has a setting for its valet feature. This implies that your vehicle’s security system will not be activated using the transmitter. Alternatively, the take-over option provides leeway to operating a vehicle after your key has been removed from the ignition.

Directed Electronics Avital 4103LX Remote Start System has a remote start key, allowing you to engage your vehicle engine at a distance for a certain period. It was clarified by the manufacturer that the installation of this security system requires professional assistance.

The security system is also designed with two-way LCD feature despite its compact size. Despite its tiny package, you could still utilize its long range remote start. The A-to-D converter of the car alarm also samples the voltage of your vehicle up to hundreds of repetitions in a second.

If you prefer, you may also connect Directed Electronics Avital 4103LX Remote Start System to other interface electronics. You simply have to use D2D wiring. However, during setup, technical wire will not be necessary.

Onboard the system is the XCR relay, outputs for Anti-Grind/ Starter Kill relays and audible alerts.


  • Remote start feature
  • Does not require technical wiring during installation
  • Comes with trunk release capability
  • Four-button remote in compact gadget
  • Valet mode


  • Requires professional-assisted setup

2. Viper 4105V One Way Remote Start System


This is another security system from Viper that features a remote start and keyless entry capabilities. However, the manufacturer has specified that the remote start feature is only compatible with hybrid, fuel-injected, and diesel-supported automatic engines.

Although it is much simpler than other models from Viper, it is still a sophisticated car alarm by features. You may also obtain the Viper 4105V One Way Remote Start System without the pricey extras. The only difference of this security system is its lacking of OLED remote.

Nonetheless, the Viper 4105V One Way Remote Start System still provides you the control through pushing buttons without its on-screen alerts. Also, the remote may only work at a closer range of up to one 0.25 mile. Although it has simpler features, it makes up for its cost-effective value. It is also a reliable security alarm in case someone tries to steal something your car or your vehicle.

The Panic mode of the car alarm system requires a connection in the horn circuit. For added security, clone-safe code-hopping is enforced in the vehicle safeguarding tool. The two auxiliary channels of the car alarm allow you to add extra features like lowering the windows or closing your car doors while at a distance. It is also compatible with any of Viper Smart Start module enabling you to start the alarm with your smartphone.


  • Sophisticated yet low-priced
  • Remote controlled system
  • Allows adding extra features
  • Connects to Viper Smart Start module
  • Vehicle shutdown security feature


  • No installation manual

3. Pyle PWD701 Four-Button Remote Security System


The car alarm features anti-carjack, remote settings, and dual four-button remote transmitters in the package. It is also designed with a LED status indicator. Additionally, the security system has two auxiliary outputs aside from the remote keyless entry and chirp mute.

The Pyle PWD701 Four-Button Remote Security System is available with valet and override modes. You may also set the bypassing of remote sensors. Additional sensors offered by the package are microwave and glass break alerts. There are also optional features including backup battery and remote trunk release. The audio level of its six-tone siren could reach up to 120 decibels. It also has two-stage impact sensor.

Alongside its loud alarm, the Pyle PWD701 Four-Button Remote Security System also allows you to flash your parking lights to gather more attention. Even if the culprit tries to drive your car, you could be certain that its starter defeat feature will prevent it from happening.

The amazing feature that this security system have is its ignition-controlled locks. This implies that when your car’s brake pedal is pressured, the doors will be closed automatically. Once the startup key was turned off, your vehicle will automatically unlock.

The ignition-controlled locks will not only protect you from theft but also while you’re driving as well. Parking and braking on red stoplights will be safer. The anti-carjack feature may also be activated if you want your car’s door to be monitored with high level of alert.


  • Ignition-controlled locks
  • Remote panic and chirp modes
  • Highly audible alarm
  • Dual stage impact detector
  • Well-built remote


  • Complaints of unreliability

4. Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST Two-Way Security System


Similar to its counterparts, this security system is available with a remote start feature. It has a two-way LCD pager security feature that can work up to a mile distance for your convenience. Its transmitter is capable of responding to commands with text, tones, icon display, and vibration alerts.

You could rely on the Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST Two-Way Security System if you are looking for real-time alerts. Its siren can produce sounds with up to six tones and its starter kill switch is available with the car alarm.

Even if a culprit tries to steal your vehicle, you can guarantee that he or she will not be able to drive it. There are also options of upgrading this security system without the need for additional equipment. This model of two-way car alarm is also compatible with SmartStart feature.

Another significant feature of the Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST Two-Way Security System is its well-known Spread Spectrum Technology (SST). At present, the longest range remotes can work up to a full mile without problems. SST also utilizes different frequency transmission and digital frequency hopping.

For emergency situations, all signals are guaranteed to get through despite blocking of frequency. The D2D feature allows hybrids and starters to communicate with XpressKit interface. Also, the Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor makes the alerts sent to the car owner more accurate.


  • Long range remote system
  • Can be activated via mobile phone
  • Provides vehicle temperature
  • Easy-to-use controls and interface
  • Simple installation


  • No instructions included

5. Viper 5706CV Two-Way Car Security System

This car alarm comes with a remote start feature. It is designed with an LCD display, allowing easier control of the security system. It also has a remote control transmitter with five controls. The remote still works at a distance of one mile to activate or deactivate the security system of your vehicle. It also features four channels for utmost protection. Besides door alerts, it notifies possible break-in via trunk sensors.

The Viper 5706CV Two-Way Car Security System has sophisticated features that are not available even in other new releases of car alarm. It has a starter kill plus its hot wiring security, protecting your vehicle from theft. Your car will be immobilized even when a culprit tries to drive it.

The Viper 5706CV Two-Way Car Security System has an aesthetically pleasing remote control that promotes two-way communication with your car. You could also trust the car alarm to alert you instantly once heavy impact or light blow was detected from any component of your vehicle. Take note that the horn associated with the security system is quiet loud given its six-tone siren feature.

Small impacts will provide mere chirps as notifications. However, when heavy blows are sensed by the security system, an alarm with 120 decibels will be heard throughout the area where your car is parked. This horn will not only cause panic to the culprit, but eye strain as well.


  • Packed with latest features
  • Remote controls work at a mile distance
  • Starter kill
  • Protection from hot wiring
  • Tailored alarm sound levels


  • Difficult to install

Best Car Alarm Buying Guide

Types of Car Alarm Systems

car alarm with display

The best car alarm system also falls under a category of the product. Prior to selecting a Viper car alarm or security system coming from a certain brand, you should be knowledgeable of the product’s types. Every type of car alarm is made for specific purposes. Here is the breakdown.

1) Passive Car Alarms – If you choose this type of car alarm, you do not have to set anything or press any button to activate the security system. Once your vehicle is locked, this system will automatically begin operations. Its biggest advantage is also its drawback – lack of user control. It could either be on or off depending if your vehicle is locked or unlocked. You cannot even select any of its features to activate a certain purpose.

Note: These alarms are usually paired with keys with chips that deactivate the ignition whenever the right key is not in the system.

2) Active Car Alarm – This could be the best car alarm for people looking into controlling their vehicle’s security system completely. You may use the transmitter button to either activate or deactivate the system. This implies that even if you walk away or lock your door, the system will not be activated.

Note: The main disadvantage of the car alarm type is its incompatibility for forgetful drivers. Regardless of this matter, most new releases of car alarms are made active than passive.

3) Two-Way Paging Car Alarm – This type of car alarm establishes a connection between the key ring’s hook and alarm. These systems at times come with LCD display as well. It has the capability to notify the owner if the system has been engaged or not up to a distance of one mile. Apart from informing the owner if the security system is activated, the notification includes attempt of breaking in.

4) Remote Start Car Alarm – From the name itself, this alarm system will activate the security system using a remote. Most remote start car alarms could be regarded as active security systems. The difference of this car alarm is its capability to disregard any start-up lockout and work separately out of the vehicle’s ignition.

5) Audible Car Alarm – This simple security system works with the help of sensors that are installed in different areas of the vehicle. A loud horn is generated by these sensors when disturbed. You may also adjust the sensitivity levels as necessary.

6) Silent Car Alarms – Instead of a loud noise, this is set to provide a noiseless notification to the owner. The problem is its reduced effectiveness despite the elimination of audible alarm.

7) GPS Car Alarm – This is a more advanced type of car alarm that notifies the user in case his or her car has been stolen with its accurate location. Many owners prefer to purchase this due to added protection.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Car Alarm

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Car alarm reviews are not enough to find the best security system for your vehicle. It is imperative that you look into each product closely relative to the features and attributes that it has. To help you look for a car alarm while establishing a smart selection method, here are factors to look for.

  • Type of Car Alarm – There are different alarm systems for cars as stated earlier. You should select from any of the given categories prior to looking into products on the market.
  • Compliance to Your Purpose – You should also determine your purpose of looking for the best car alarm on the market. If you simply want an added peace of mind, then you may settle with a one-way security system. However, if your place has been reported for high level of theft, you should look for car alarms with a variety of features.
  • Glass Break Sensors – You will find car alarms featuring sensors whenever your vehicle’s door is opened. This is not enough for there are thieves that prefer to shatter your windows. There must be a sensor in this possibility to alert you and the authorities.
  • Passive Feature – It is highly possible for you to forget activating the security system. Thus, the passive feature is the best solution. Even if you get off your car and rush to a store, your alarm will still be activated in 20 seconds or even less automatically.
  • Immobilizing Capability – You should look for a car alarm that will avoid ignition of your car while the security system is on.

Safety Tips When Buying the Best Car Alarm

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The proper utilization of your car alarm system must be practiced so you could get the most out of the product. Without using it appropriately, you will only expose your vehicle to several theft or break-in attempts. Worse is, you may let your car be stolen.

  • Keep Your Car Keys Close – This is necessary especially if your vehicle is parked outside. It helps you have peace of mind you will be notified if there is an attempt of stealing it. Once you hear the alarm of your car, having your keys close will enable you to press the panic button. By doing so, the alarm will be set off and the loud sound will remain until you deactivate it.
  • Always Carry Your Car Keys – There are attackers that may be brave enough to come close to the vehicle owner despite knowing that there is a car alarm. In order to scare off the thief, rapist, or culprit, you should show that you can activate the panic button to get attention from other people.
  • Maintain Personal Security – Do not rely solely on the capabilities of a car alarm. You should still find it possible to look for a secure parking area. It is imperative not to leave your valuables in your vehicle, which are targets of theft.


Protecting your car could be done by simply parking it in a secure area or ensuring that it is locked whenever you go out. However, this may not be enough if you are dealing with break-ins. There are culprits that are too confident regardless of knowing about the best car alarm that could identify them.

Instead of letting the worst happen, you should consider trying out Avital 4103LX Remote Start System. This device is a top quality security system that apparently outperformed other car alarms on the list. It is a premium car alarm that has everything you need in one –shock sensor, alerts, SmartStart technology, and remote key entry among others.

Although it is packed with significant features, the car alarm is still available at a lower price. Its value varies depending on the retailer, so you simply have different stores patiently.

In case you want to try out another best car alarm system, you may do. Conclusively, it is all about ensuring that a security system complies with your needs.

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