Best Dog Cooling Vest Reviews

Undoubtedly, all dogs from different breeds can benefit from using cooling dog clothes, especially on hot days. Since the summer heat is up, why not help your dog to stay calm? Even if they are staying in an air-conditioned room, you cannot stop them from going out from time to time.

Your Fido might have business outside, so as a responsible owner, do him a favor by providing him a cooling vest. This will help in keeping him healthy and cool during the hot days. Remember, dogs are also prone to heat stroke, just like humans.

This buying guide enumerates the top-quality dog cooling vests in the market. They are of different sizes and shapes, so you better check out which one fits your pooch.

Best Dog Cooling Vest Review

1. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler


The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler is the best dog cooling vest that uses the science of evaporation to provide cooling and protection to dogs. In other places where there is a hot and humid climate, the dogs can just search for a shade to protect themselves from the sun.

This cooling vest makes it possible for your dog to do his usual activities on hot days. This works by realizing the heat while attached to his body. All you need to do is to dip it in water and wring it. After doing so, you can let him wear it for a cooler feeling.

This vest is built with the purpose of reflecting the solar radiation through its light color. Its evaporation mechanism is the one responsible for pulling the heat out from your dog’s body. The built-in integrated leash portal allows you to attach a leash to your dog. This vest can also be worn with the Front Range Harness.

The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler is constructed in three layers with the outer layer as the evaporating layer. The middle layer serves as the absorbent of heat from your dog’s body. The inner part is responsible for transferring the cooling effect from the jacket to your dog.

The reflective trim allows a limitless motion for your dog. He can play and run around without being bothered by the vest. It also makes it possible for you to see your dog even in low visibility surroundings.

Wearing and removing this product is easy through the side buckles, so your pooch will feel comfortable even if you take off and wear it on him frequently.

2. Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest

When it’s getting hot, and your dog can’t help going out, the Hurtta Cooling Vest is the one to look for. The design of this cooling vest is way different from the others because the torso part of your dog is covered as well.

The chest area is also part of the coverage of this cooling vest, thus providing coolness for your pooch. This is one of the most important areas that should be cooled down because palpitations can be observed when the dog is feeling too hot.

The Hurtta Cooling Vest is also created with a Step-in design which makes it easier for you to put it on and off your dog. There is a button to be used to keep the vest in place even if your dog is actively playing and moving.

If you need to attach the leash, you can easily do that by attaching it to the built-in D-rings on the side of the vest. Just remember to clip it to both rings so that the weight of your dog will be even.

This is a medium sized vest, so it is perfect for dogs weighing around 20-30lbs. This jacket is ideally used for walking, exercising, and strolling around. You will feel at peace to know that the heart region of your dog is well-protected.

In comparison with other Terry coats, this can absorb twice as much compared to other ordinary cooling vest. This makes it perfect for boiling days. The circulation of blood is also protected from disruption while this vest is on.

3. BINGPET Dog Cooling Jacket


As one of the best cooling jackets in town, the BINGPET Cooling Vest can provide ultimate comfort for your pooch during the hot days. This jacket is made from an air mesh panel that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can feel how soft it is to touch, so your dog will surely enjoy wearing it.

The BINGPET Cooling Vest acts by reflecting the heat and dissipates the warm temperature from your dog’s body. You can use it by soaking in fresh water. You can wring it after and wear on your dog before you head out under the blazing sun.

The material used for this vest is a high-quality PVA and an air mesh panel. Your dog will find it light to carry on his body and provides good air circulation. You can find release buckles at the side part of the vest together with a reflective band to increase visibility at night.

Most of the users of this dog cooling vest praise it for its ability to provide coolness to your dog’s body to prevent heat stroke. They also noted that panting and drooling are also lessened during hot days.

This coat will keep your dog from heat stroke even though he’s walking or playing under the sun. It provides a fresh feeling, just like being soaked in cool water. Dehydration is also avoided through the proper use of this vest.

If your pooch is fond of going out even on hot days, then maybe it’s time to get one of these swamp coolers for your dog. This can be a life saver for him as well.

4. PupPal Pet Cooling Vest

When you are not sure on what to buy for your dog, then you should go for PupPal Pet Cooling Vest. This is applicable for all kinds of breeds. Simplicity is the main principle of the maker, so this cooling vest only needs soaking before application.

It can provide long hours of cooling even under the heat of the sun. You can just soak It again if the cool effect is already gone. Aside from this, it is very easy to use because there are no complications in wearing it.

It is available in blue color so you can easily see your dog even from afar. The design is also notable because it looks like a mini jersey for dogs. The material has small holes for proper air ventilation.

You can choose from different sizes from small, medium, and large. This is the reason why it is recommended for all kinds of breeds. It is also designed to allow free movement for your dog. He can run and jump around without being bothered by the vest.

PupPal Pet Cooling Vest is created with an inner and outer layer. The outer part is created from a synthetic mesh, and the inner layer has the job of absorbing the heat and warmth of your dog’s body. All you need to do is to soak it in a very cool water and do the same thing all over again.

Most users noted that their dogs love wearing it and they don’t seem irritated in wearing it because it is not too tight and too loose. It is better if you check the rings before you buy one.

5. HyperKewl Evaporating Cooling Dog Coat

Made from a quilted nylon, the HyperKewl is a very comfortable cooling dog coat. The inner layer is made from hyperreal fabric that feels so soft to touch. The liner is made from a waterproof nylon and can stay cold for up to 10 hours.

The trim of this vest is made from poly-cotton that gives it a soft texture. The good thing about this jacket is that it can cover a large portion of your dog’s body, this is regardless of the breed of your dog.

The shoulder material won’t restrict your dog to any movement. He can run and play freely while being protected from the heat of the sun. When soaking it, the cold feeling can last longer compared to another ordinary dog vest on the market.

This brand is advisable for larger breeds because it will not be tight on their bodies. It can also cover the chest area which is one of the vital parts of the dog. Most users who have service dogs also patronize this cooling vest.

Most of the users noted that they observed less panting on their dogs while using it. It only means that the dog is not getting dehydrated and the warmth of their bodies is effectively being dissipated.

The silver color of this brand also helps in deflecting the harmful rays of the sun. The water is also retained for a longer period. The good thing about it is that your dog will not get wet because it is water repellent.

Whether you have the small or big dog, HyperKewl will surely evaporate the heat from your dog’s body.

Best Dog Cooling Vest Buying Guide

Dog cooling jackets can make your dog feel cool especially during hot days. Remember that summer heat can cause the same effect on your dog as humans. They can overheat and experience heat stroke if not treated early.

Their sweat glands are very few, so they don’t have the ability to sweat to release the heat like humans do. They try to pant to release the heat from their bodies. However, if it gets too hot, panting will not relieve them anymore, and that is why it is important to provide them with a cooling vest.

Aside from this, it would be better if your dog is given an adequate amount of water and shade to protect them from the sun. In this case, your dog will still stay comfortable even during the summer time.

How Does a Cooling Vest Work?

black dog wearing red vest

A cooling vest works through evaporation. It works similarly on how humans sweat to release heat. The cooling jacket can release heat by dissipating it from the dog’s body.

It is made from layers of fabric that absorbs water from the cooling jacket, which disappears together with the collected heat from the dog’s body. It can provide a cool feeling inside and out. The coolness will then be distributed all over your dog’s body.

The vital parts of your dog’s body are the heart and the chest. It is a must to keep these areas as cool as possible to prevent dehydration and heatstroke. You can distinguish the symptoms through their excessive panting.

Material Used on Dog Vests

One of the most important things to consider with dog clothes is the style and design. The fabrics are breathable and made from 100% cotton. It can sustain even up to 400 times of its actual weight and is entirely safe for your dog.

The cooling vest should not cause any irritation to your dog’s skin. Aside from this, even if it is chewed, it will not be toxic to your pet. They are usually made from lightweight materials that won’t be bothersome to your pet.

The nylon layer of the cooling vests can be dried quickly by air drying. The inner is the water repellent part that keeps your pooch dry and comfortable while being cooled. The cotton layer is also responsible for evaporating the heat.

Sizing of the Cooling Vest

These cooling vests for dogs are specifically designed to cover the neck area of your dog up to the base of the tail. It is important to determine the size of your dog because of the comfort of your pooch while wearing it depends on the right size of the vest.

You can measure the size actually through the girth. This is the area around the chest of your dog. Proper cooling can be achieved when it fits perfectly on your pooch. You should also measure the length of the back. Whatever the size of your dog is, there are the variety of choices to choose from.

Using Dog Cooling Vests

dog wearing green vest

It is very simple to use a cooling vest as long as it matches the size of your dog. Most of the clothes sold on the market have simple designs because it is often hard to put it on and take it off.

Before letting your Fido wear it, soak it first in fresh water. You can do this for about 5 minutes to ensure its efficacy. After soaking, you need to wring out the excess water. You can pat it dry to make sure that your dog will not get wet.

When it’s ready, you can place the vest on your dog and let him wear it as long as it still can produce coolness. You can soak it again in water if needed to especially on hot days. Use the Velcro straps to keep it in place.

Tips in Using Dog Cooling Vests

Remember that these vests don’t need refrigeration. They can produce coolness even by soaking them in water. However, if you want it to be cooler, you can refrigerate it. Just remember that you should never use ice-cold water if the dog is suffering from heat exhaustion.

Aside from using the vest, it is also advisable to let your dog drink enough water because the vest alone cannot prevent heat stroke on dogs. Find ways on how to make your dog feel hydrated even if you need to make them drink through the palm of your hands.

The good thing about this vest is that it can be used for all dogs regardless of their breed and age. If you have a Pitbull, you might need more effort to wear it on your dog. It is recommended choose large sizes of vests for larger breeds.

Dogs That Have Higher Risk of Overheating

Many factors contribute to overheating. The best thing to do is to keep a close watch on their response with cooling mechanisms, especially in boiling conditions.

Those dogs that have double coats are prone to abrupt overheating, like malamutes and Siberian Huskies. If they have a history of lung problems, then they have a higher chance for them to overheat.

If the dog is prone to highly strenuous activities, then your dog will easily get dehydrated. The best solution to solve this is to provide an adequate amount of water for your Fido. Young puppies are also prone to experience this.

small dog wearing pink vest


The best dog cooling vest can be a life saver for dogs. They are especially helpful for dogs that are active. They are good investments because you can use them again and again during the hot days. You would also be able to use it for a longer period.

The Being Pet Cooling Vest can be recommended as the best cooling vest for your pooch. It can provide instant coolness when the temperature is tremendously hot. Aside from this, this vest can retain the coolness for a longer period of time.

The Velcro straps ensure that the garment will stay in place even if your dog moves and plays around. Love your pets and make their summer season as comfortable as it can be through providing a good cooling vest.

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