Best Dog Seat Cover Reviews

Are you always traveling with your dog? If so, then you need to buy the best seat cover for your car. This will keep your pet well-behaved while you are driving. There are different types of seat covers in the market, and they vary with the level of comfort that they can give for your pooch.

Aside from your pet’s comfort, you also wouldn’t want your car seat to be damaged. Your pooch’s paws have spiky nails so it’s possible to scratch them unintentionally. The best way to prevent this is to use car seat covers.

This buying guide gives you the top-rated dog seat covers in the market that you can choose from. Check the specifications and decide which one best fits in your car.

Best Dog Seat Cover Review

1. BarksBar Pet Seat Cover

If you are searching for a high-quality seat cover for dogs, the BarksBar Pet Seat Cover is the name that you should look for. It defines durability, and it’s very easy to install in your car. You won’t find it complicated because it is specially made to fit almost all kinds of cars.

There are openings for the Velcro seat-belts that ensures the protection of your dog while you are driving. It is also non-slip, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your pet. This is also considered as one of the best car seat covers for dogs because it is made from premium materials.

This product is useful in preventing scratches, rips, and other damages caused by your pet. It is made from polyester material that is 100% waterproof. Your dog can’t easily cut it because the polyester is made from heavy-duty materials.

It is convenient because your expensive car will not be prone to premature wearing as it will be covered by this seat cover. Even your mats will not suffer from falling hair that comes from your pet.

The BarksBar Pet Seat Cover provides ultimate comfort for your pet. It is offered in a very luxurious and elegant design with simple buckle straps for an easy installation process. All you need to do is to snap the buckle around the headrest of your seat and pull the Velcro openings. Simple, right?

You can also turn this product into a hammock for your dog by snapping the other buckle straps to the cover and around the headrest in the front seat. This is indeed a must for protecting your car’s seat and catch shedding hair.

2. Boss Pet Products Pet Seat Cover

The Boss Pet Products Seat Cover is a comfortable car cover that can totally put your dog in a state of relaxation. It’s understandable that you want to take your dog wherever you go, but you would also like to protect the value of your car.

Your dog can travel and bring your dog in your vehicle once you install this dog seat cover. It can prevent them from ripping and scratching your car seat cover as well as catch the falling hair from your pet. It is also useful in eliminating smell since the cover is washable.

Your pooch will surely enjoy lying and sitting inside the car because this dog seat cover is constructed with a very soft cushion. It will help in keeping your dog tamed while on the journey.

Another great feature of the Boss Pet Products Seat Cover is its last safety features. This hammock for dogs is created with openings for seat belts. There won’t be any hassle in installing it anymore because the maker considered the setup of cars.

Aside from safety, cleanliness is also another important feature of this product. You don’t need to worry from spilled urine or drools because it will be well-taken care of with this dog seat cover.

When it comes to style, this product will surely be one on top of the list. It is non-slip and very durable. The style is meant to provide extreme comfort to your dog while traveling. It is also built to provide a cozy and stable space for your dog. You can easily remove it for cleaning purposes as well.

3. Benicci Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover

When it comes to providing your dog with the best car seat cover to use, nothing beats the Benicci Luxury dog car seat cover. You’ll be happy to know that it can fit most types of cars with the standard measure of 56 x 60 inches.

There are also openings for Velcro to ensure the safety of your pet while you are traveling. This will also prevent your pet from slipping off of the headrest of the front seat. Even if the ride is bumpy, you don’t need to worry because your dog will be sitting comfortably in the back seat.

When you avail of the Benicci Luxury dog car seat cover, it comes with a free dog harness. The maker of this dog seat cover would like to guarantee that your dog will not be only comfortable, but safe as well. It’ll also keep them from wandering around the car while the car is moving.

This is the ideal product if you would like to give ultimate protection to your vehicle’s seat. Say goodbye to scratches, rips, and other damages once you install this cover. It can even prevent the fur of your pooch from spreading inside the car.

The material used to make this product is the luxurious Oxford cloth. This material is soft to touch and can give your dog a cotton-like feeling. It’s very easy to clean using the washing machine. Even if you wash it frequently, it won’t be prone to wearing as it is made of heavy-duty material.

If you are searching for style and functionality, this dog car seat cover should be on top of your list.

4. AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover

The AmazonBasics Seat Cover is a popular brand in the market. One of its best features is its impervious surface that can protect your car from damages. This motor vehicle cover ensures that your vehicle will still be as good as new even if you let your dog ride in it most of the time.

To make it convenient, it can also function as a hammock for your pooch. He can lie down and sleep comfortably while the car is moving. The AmazonBasics Seat cover has a measure of 55 x 59 inches, which makes it applicable to a variety of vehicles.

The material used in creating this seat cover is 100% polyester substance. This ensures that scratches and rips will be prevented at all times. It offers protection for your car’s seat cover by acting as a trap for falling hair and as a vessel of spilled liquids.

There are two seat anchors built in it, together with four headrest sloops. This design enhances its compatibility with most types of vehicles. You’ll be happy to know that it is easy to clean by wiping or by hand wash.

Indeed, this is one of the best seat covers for dogs that you can use for small, medium, or large dogs. Most of the users commend it due to its durability and convenience. They even noted that they can use this longer than they expected.

Other users also said that this dog car seat cover is very easy to install in any type of car and that they can fasten the buckles comfortability. They recommended it for those who have larger back seats as well.

5. Yes4all Hammock Seat Cover

If you have a standard sized backseat, then the Yes4all Seat Cover is the perfect product to install in your car ride for your four-legged buddy. The quilted fabric is created to be water-repellent, so you don’t need to worry if your dog suddenly pees.

The intermediate material is made from polyester filling, which adds up to its durability. It can sustain the weight of big dogs when used as a hammock. The color of this hammock seat cover is gray so it is easy to spot stains and other impurities on it.

Like other high-class dog seat covers in the market, the Yes4all Seat Cover is also machine washable. It will not be damaged even if you brush it to remove stains. Aside from this, the peach skin repellent is also water-resistant.

The good thing about this is that it has extra flaps on sides, so your car seat will be covered entirely. It can also be flattened out to create an organized look in the car. No matter what your dog does in the back seat, you can drive comfortably without any worries.

However, you should take note that this product is not advisable for leather car seats. Also, the PVC anti-slip harness should not be exposed to extremely hot conditions. It is best to observe these measures to extend the life of your seat cover.

Most users commend it because it stays in place even when the dog moves around. Aside from this, they like the fact that the materials used are one of the best regarding quality and durability.

Best Dog Seat Cover Buying Guide

If you want to keep your car in showroom condition, then it’s a must to avail the best dog seat cover for your vehicle. It can be a blast to travel with your dog, but the clean-up is not equally as fun. Even if your dog is trained, he can still get pretty dirty at times.

You need to protect your car from damages because it’s one of your prized possessions. You don’t need to let dirtiness spoil your fun by using dog car seat covers.

Types of Seat Covers

dog in hammock in car

1) Bench Type Seat Covers – This is the most common type of dog car seat cover. It is used to cover the entire court of the back seat. If you want to ensure the ultimate protection of your back seat, then this is the right type of product for you.

It can protect your car from dirt and from your dog’s fur. If your dog drools, then you should consider getting one of this type immediately. You should get more benefits from the bench type seat cover compared to most of the products in the market. Take note that the standard size for this type of dog seat cover is about 55” wide.

When choosing bench dog seat covers, you need to consider the coverage and durability of the product. It is of utmost importance that the dog seat cover will be able to extend up to the sides of your seats. For this reason, extra flaps are recommended.

You should also make sure that the material used for it is waterproof. There should also be some piping included to catch the dog’s urine or any spillover. Aside from this, you might want to consider the attachments. A minimum of four accessories is recommended to keep it in place.

2) Bucket Type Seat Cover – This is a perfect match for the bucket seats in your car. They can also be found in most trucks and SUV vans. Often, it is used in the front seat, but you can also use it anywhere inside your car. The good thing about this type is that it offers total protection for your pet.

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The entire seat can be covered, including the bottom and back parts. You can compare its use with a glove for your hands. It can also keep everything inside the seat protected. You should choose a bucket car cover seat that is durable and made with high-quality materials.

3) Irregular Shape Car Seat Cover – You must understand that no dog car seat cover in the market is universal because there are many kinds and sizes of car seats out there. If your vehicles have an irregularly-shaped armrest or a wider bench, you should consider buying irregularly-shaped seat covers to provide protection for them.

Hammock for Dogs

dog in a car

When it comes to providing comfort for your pooch, a hammock is the best option. There are dog seat covers that can also be converted to beds by hanging it from the back seat and the front desk of your car.

There are many functions of this unique cover. It will surely protect your car seat from damages and keep your dog safely tucked inside the bench. Aside from this, it can prevent your dog from leaping into the front desk.

Make sure that what you will be choosing is extra durable because these hammocks are going to be supporting the weight of your dog. It will cover a lot of space, and you need to choose one that can hold up even after putting extra weight on it.

You will know if it is a good quality product if the hammock is waterproof and has double stitched seams. It is also a good idea if there is a zipper for splitting it in the middle part so that your dog can sit on one side of your car.

Door Guards

This kind of protection is extended even to your doors and windows. Your dog will surely put his paw up, especially when you roll the window down. These door guards can be used by sliding it in between the window and the door.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Seat Cover

dog sitting on a seat cover

1) Durability – This is one of the most important things that you need to consider in choosing the best dog car seat cover. Remember that dogs like to bite and nibble on things, and dog covers are no exception.

Choose one that is not easy to rip and tear. You can check the seams if they are double stitched. If it meets all of these requirements, then this is probably the best choice for you.

2) Washing Machine Cleaning – To avoid hassle on your part, it is recommended to choose a dog car seat cover that is machine-washable since you might not have the time to hand wash it. It is better if you can throw it in the washing machine to be cleaned.

3) Waterproof Material – Your dog can be messy when it comes to drinking. Another thing to consider is their drool which can be left anywhere in your car. If you know the nature of your pet, then you should already have an idea that spillovers can be a common occurrence in the car. Make sure that the product that you buy is waterproof so you can protect your car seat.

4) Style – Remember that there are dog seat covers that are meant for cars and other types of vehicles. Before buying, determine which dog seat cover fits the kind of car you have. Consider the dimensions as well.


There are many dog car seat covers are available in the market, and that’s why it can be a little challenging to choose the best dog seat cover. Before buying, consider factors like the size and type of car seat cover.

The Boss Pet Products Car Seat Cover is recommended for all sizes of dogs. It is also commended for the comfort it offers your dog while you are traveling. If you need an extra line of protection for your car, you might have one to check this out.

Try to apply the reminders and tips in this buying guide so you can maintain your vehicle in good condition without spoiling the fun. Your pet will be your most loyal companion, so go ahead and give him some compensation by tagging him on your trips.

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