Best Dog Training Books Reviews

The best dog training books are highly relevant to help raise dogs easier, even if you only have a book or two in your shelf. Because of this, you might want to get your hands on a couple of good books and keep them handy while you watch your dog grow.

There are hundreds of dog training books that you can easily find in the market today. Among these, there are some that can be rated as excellent and others mediocre. If you are a dog-lover, you should consider getting dog training books.

No one likes wasting their valuable time in trying to train their Fido with no positive results. Check this buying guide because it gives you the list of the bestsellers in the market today.

Best Dog Training Books Review

1. Training the Best Dog Ever by Larry Kay

It is considered as the best-rated dog training book because Training the Best Dog Ever is crafted with love and kindness. This book of Larry Kay is originally sold in hardbound, and it has circulated among the dog lovers around the world.

This book is all about the positive reinforcements for your dog. One of the best features of this guidebook is that is personally used by the trainer of the White House dog named ‘Bo Obama.’

The 5-week program aims to achieve the most desirable traits from your dogs through the use of positive reinforcements. These steps are more on the subtle and positive ways instead of the strict and vigorous training on dogs.

Training the Best Dog Ever points out that treats and trust are the most effective ways of training your dogs. These reinforcements are generally creating an impact on your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional state.

This 5-week training program can be accomplished every day by only consuming 10-20 minutes of your time. The good thing about it is that it can be used for both puppies and adult dogs. The main target of this book is to eliminate the bad habits of your dogs.

The book also includes photographs as you read, so it will be easier for you to follow the methods to be applied. Aside from eliminating bad habits, the book also covers the different ways of feeding dogs like hand-feeding.

If you would like to potty-train your dog, this book can be of great help to you because it includes step by step training guidelines for your them. To make it really comprehensive, bite inhibition is also included.

2. 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance

The 101 Dog Tricks can be your top dog training book because it serves as a complete dictionary of dog tricks that you and your dog will surely love. This book has a lot of photographs included to make it more realistic and interactive to the reader.

The step-by-step instruction is also presented with colorful photos. The good thing about it is that the tricks presented in the book are rated based on the level of difficulty. It also mentions the prerequisites before you let your dog do a particular trick.

Aside from the tricks, Kyra Sundance also included the different troubles that you should expect and how to solve them. Out of the box, solutions are given to troubleshoot the problems in doing the tricks.

You’ll have to read the book 101 Dog Tricks because even the simple tricks like rolling over, sitting, and handshake are included. As your dog progresses, you can start introducing him to harder and more complicated ones.

The trick training method of Kyra Sundance has gained recognition all over the world because it has been successful in training dogs through the use of tricks. It also helps the owner to build a loving bond with their dogs.

It has been proven that this book helps in enhancing the physical and mental being of your dog. It keeps them thinking and forces them to find solutions by themselves. This is applicable especially when your dogs are inclined to sports and other activities.

This utilitarian book will take dog training to a new light, and it will make it more fun both to the owner and his dog.

3. The Art of Raising a Puppy by Monks of New Skete

The Art of Raising a Puppy is hailed to be the best-rated dog training book by most of the dog owners and dog trainers. The instructions provided in this book starts with an examination of a particular puppy from their birth up to the time they are going to be brought home by their new owners.

Their social and physical development will then be observed as well as their needs. This book also provides a glimpse of the kind of personality they are currently demonstrating as they grow up. This is an important factor according to the writer because this is where the dog and owner relationship begins.

The Art of Raising a Puppy Art of Raising a Puppy states that the best way to create a loving relationship with your dog is to try to avoid problems as possible right before it begins. This book also reiterates that the puppy should be trained the moment it arrives in a new home.

The writers included the steps in training a puppy, and it also tells the right kind of breed an owner should have. Not all dogs are meant to be your pet. There is a certain breed that will be compatible with your personality and will create an inexplicable relationship with you.

It would be hard choosing the right puppy, so this book is perfect if you want to know the things that you need to consider before bringing home a puppy. The best thing about this book is that will be able to learn how to train your dog to act as the leader of a pack.

4. Dog Training Revolution by Zack George

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution book is of the best books on dog training because of his positive response in training pets. He can show how to make a good relationship with your dog even when he is still a puppy.

You will find this book very easy to understand because the format is user-friendly. Each chapter has successfully illustrated and delivered the message the author is trying to imply to all the readers.

Th first chapter focuses on choosing the right dog for you and your family. It includes the steps that you need to take to know if his breed is the right fit for you. Another chapter also gives you tips on what you need to expect when your pup first arrives in your home.

If you are worried about making a smooth transition, then you shouldn’t worry because Zak George includes the step-by-step solution to this problem. You will also find here the five basic rules in dog training that you will find handy.

If you are searching for dog obedience training books, then the Dog Training Revolution book is a must-have for you. You can also learn the things that you can do whenever your pooch gets sick. Health tips and advice are also included to guide the owners in raising their pets.

There are videos included when you buy this book, so you can interactively learn the tips in handling and managing your dogs. You will surely cherish this book because every word here is truly inspirational.

5. How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan

The bestselling author, Cesar Millan, has created a phenomenal guide book with the title “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” which aims to encourage people to bring dogs and puppies in their lives without feeling any hint of hesitation.

This best puppy training book will give you concrete tips and advice on how to raise your puppy into a healthy dog. If you have bought a puppy, then Cesar Millan’s tips are a must-read for you.

The book includes the ways and methods on how to train a dog in its early years. It also sums up the proper foundation to be followed depending on the type of breed of your pup. Upon reading, you will find out what kind of environment is appropriate for dogs and what should be avoided.

The best thing about this book is that it also specifically states what are the common behavioral issues of dogs and how you can avoid them from developing. You will also get a glimpse on what behaviors you should expect as your puppy is growing up.

Cesar Millan included all his real-life experiences in this book. He wrote how he was able to raise his puppies of different breeds. When you have this book, it’s like your dog is being trained by Cesar Millan himself.

“How to Raise the Perfect Dog” contains new and updated information about the adolescence years of a dog and the strategic technique in raising them in their stubbornness-filled years. He also gave realistic tips on building a life-long relationship with your pooch.

Best Dog Training Books Buying Guide

There are a lot of positive dog training books that you’ll find on the market today. Dogs and puppies have their own unique behaviors, and it is recommended to know about these differences. Note that training both puppies and dogs is much similar than you can ever think of.

You should choose a dog training book based on your own style and the personality of your dog. If you are ready to take on the challenge, then you should select a book that is compatible with the kind of approach you would like to apply to your dog.

Different Types of How to Train Your Dog Book

man training a dog

There is a wide array of dog training books and it is best if you narrow them down to find the perfect book for your needs. You can also use the internet is to search for the title or author of the book you are looking for.

1) Books for Beginners – If you are a dog owner, then you must learn at least a little about the general background of dogs. It includes knowing your dog’s breed. If you are familiar with their characteristics and behaviors, then it is easier for you to devise a plan on training them.

If you know your dog’s personality and behavior, then it will be easier for you to solve a particular problem when it arises. You should know that dogs possess behaviors that make them easier to learn and be trained.

It is important to search for an easy to understand dog training book so your money will all be worth it. It should contain all the tips and tricks for beginners. It is also recommended to buy a book that is already updated.

2) For Problem Solving – There are available books that are written for problem-solvers out there. They are meant to teach an owner how to make their dogs obedient and devoted companions. They are also applicable to young pups.

This kind of dog book is recommended for those who have personal experiences in dog training. You will be able to target behavioral problems through this book. If ever you find yourself dealing with a problem with your dog, then these books will prove to be very handy for you.

3) Better Understanding of Animals – If you would like to know the reason why you need to train your dog, then this kind of book is the right fit for you. This is also considered as a dog training guide that focuses on human’s perspective on dogs.

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This is less of a step-by-step manual, but more on of a psychological approach to dogs. These kinds of books are important to those who would like to understand their pets better. The authors believe that better understanding leads to a better relationship between dogs and their owners.

If you would like to understand your dog’s behavior, then this type of book will surely be of help. It is constructively targeted on the positive reinforcements that you can apply on your dog for training him.

woman wagging finger

4) Behavior Tackling – You might want to know more about the history of dogs before training them. As an owner, you also need to understand the training that you will do for your dog. Aside from this, you need to know the steps in delivering positive reinforcements.

If you would like to expand your knowledge about your dog’s behaviors and problems, then this is the type of book that you need on hand. You will also be able to learn to identify each of the behavioral problems of your dogs.

5) Laughter for Dogs – Although laughter might not be related to dog training, this can also play a significant role in training your pet. Books that deals more with communication and building of relationships should be encouraged if you would like to see your responsibilities on a lighter note.

6) Books for Different Kinds of Breeds – Training different breeds require a different approach. There are books in the market that focus on a particular breed. It is best if you will be specific in buying a dog training book. In this way, you will be able to get more effective solutions to your problems.

Finding Dog Training Books

woman training dogs

When you are searching for dog training books, it is recommended to narrow the search by identifying a specific or particular training that you are looking for. It is very challenging to know if there is a book that is the best for you need.

You might want to look into the net so you will be able to move into the right direction of searching a dog training book. You can narrow your search by determining the breed and the training style you are looking for.

There are different topics that you can choose from. If it is more effective for you, books with photographs can help in the proper illustration of each step in training. In this way, you will see for yourself what the author means.

There are also books that are more on the instructional side of things. You can even see steps or tips that you need to apply. Think what style best fits your need and preference. It will be more effective on your part when you do it this way.

Last but not least, books that deal with emotions and the psychological approach are also available if you don’t like to be too stiff in training your pooch. They are often written as inspirational readings that you will surely enjoy.


It is important that to consider your needs when you select for the best dog training books. Also, remember that dog training should never be sedentary. Dog training should be practical and very hands-on.

Cesar Millan’s “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” is one of the most recommended books even for beginners because his real-life experiences are part of the book and it makes it more effective in instilling knowledge to the readers.

Remember that these books are only guide, and everything still depends on you. Be sure to determine first which is more convenient for your needs before buying one.

Dog training can really be a pain in the neck, but it’s surely a worthwhile activity to do with your beloved dog.

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