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Best Hid Kit for Projector Headlights

Headlights will always be important for driving, regardless of whether you are driving during the day or night. Previously, headlights are made up of halogen bulbs, which are then upgraded to high-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps). As technology advanced, more options of the best hid kit for projector headlights were made available for people.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that top HID kits no longer produce the illumination of halogens. You could still get this type of lighting with a brightness range of 4,000 to 5,000K. Normally, the brightness and color of HID kits vary, which you should also take note of when choosing a product.

The great thing about the present times is your freedom to purchase an HID conversion kit at a lower price. This means that you could change your automobile headlights without worrying about investment. You simply have to spare time looking for the right product out of the many options.

The selection of HID kits is not as simple as finding the number one product on product reviews. This takes careful regard on its features, reviews, and compliance to your preferences.

Best Hid Kit for Projector Headlights

1. Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The product introduced itself as a conversion kit with premium ballasts. It is available in all colors and bulb sizes as claimed. The headlamp replacement comes with a light intensity of 6,000K.

Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit is composed of two 9006 xenon HID bulbs, aluminum carry case, premium ballasts, installation manual, and mounting brackets. Your color options under the series are bright yellow, white, pink, blue and purple. All sizes are also available, giving you easier search for bulbs fitting your car.

The product aims to replace your traditional halogen bulbs, which is lacking in terms of light brightness. The bulbs included in the kit should be supported by a 12-volt power source in order to produce regular illumination. As guaranteed, you could experience less power consumption with this Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit plus the extended service life.

The headlight bulbs conversion kit is a hassle-free kit, which will take as short as 20 minutes to install. If you have devices that are plug-and-play, this is the equivalent for cars. Instructions are included in its package for easier and quicker installation.

In case you require technical support, you may also contact the manufacturer for assistance. The experienced team of Kensun has long been commended for their good customer service. You may ask about any issue regarding the setup of headlamps when necessary.


  • Brighter white light
  • No filament causing fatigue and vibration
  • Extended service life
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Top-noted customer support


  • Reports of flickering

2. Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit

This HID conversion kit is available with power wattage of 55 watts and voltage of 12 volts. It has an average current of 4.2 amperage and a maximum current of 8.2 amperage. The operating temperature of the kit is from negative 40 to 105 degrees.

By using this headlamp kit, you could experience up to 229 days of service. Included in the package are dual 55w AC ballast and dual 55W HID bulb. Additionally, The product is offered with a warranty.

As mentioned, the package is complete with everything you need. The wiring requirement of the product is also hassle-free given its plug-and-play similarity. The components of Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit are also waterproof and shockproof.

The amazing thing about the product is its suitability as a replacement for both your headlights and fog lights. Although the common temperature of Innovited kit is 6,000K, you may also choose from its other options providing 3,000K to 30,000K. The price of the kit may vary depending on the temperature you will select.

Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit is also designed to provide less heat during its operation. When used at normal condition, it is around 20 times longer-lasting.

Mounting Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit is also applicable for motorcycles. This means that not only your trucks or cars will benefit from this kit.


  • Improved visibility while driving
  • 35 percent less power consumption
  • Less heat during operation
  • No filament to eliminate fatigue
  • Less expensive than rivals


  • May not last long

3. Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The HID kit comes with superior slim ballasts. Similar to other featured products, it promotes a plug-and-play installation; you do not need to cut wires to set it up.

Even if you do not have skills to perform the replacement, everything will be hassle-free. As estimated, you will be able to finish the installation in 20 minutes or even less. In every package, you will get all the components you require.

Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit is available with dual HID bulbs and dual slim harnesses. The HID bulbs come in different colors ranging from 3,000K to 30,000K. There are also several fitting options offered for the bulbs.

In order to avoid replacing your item, you simply have to check your car’s requirements prior to selecting a fitment of HID bulbs. Parts included in Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit are highly resistant to different elements in the environment; it will not erode away instantly despite the constant exposure.

Besides its waterproof feature, the kit will not be damaged by dust or impact. Similar to top quality HID kits, the product could last more than 200 days. Take note that you could get this kit at a considerably lower price.

The product does not only come with a written manual, but installation diagram to make the process easier. It is also offered with up to two years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Does not require wiring for setup
  • Digital ballasts
  • Has built-in CPU for damage prevention
  • Lasts over 10 times than halogen bulbs
  • Tested components prior to packaging


  • Ballasts are made from plastic

4. SDX HID Conversion Kit

This product is introduced as a slim conversion kit with xenon bulbs. In every package of the product comes two high-performance xenon bulbs, top quality slim ballasts, an installation manual, and mounting brackets. The product also requires a plug-and-play installation, requiring no wiring.

SDX HID Conversion Kit is considerably popular provided that it is offered at a very low price. Many customers even commended it for being convenient. Without the requirement of spending a LED and an arm, this kit will be your greatest alternative.

You could get the kit in varieties of colors, which range from 3,000K to 30,000K. The fitment of the HID package is also not an issue. It has different options, giving you leeway to find one fitting your car.

All of the components of SDX HID Conversion Kit are also shockproof and waterproof, ensuring an extended service life. Solid materials were used to promote further protection from harsh elements in the environment. As its existing customers have claimed, it may last for months longer than other cheap products.

Apart from the manufacturer’s guide on installing the conversion kit, there are numerous videos online that could support the customers. Approximately, you may finish the installation in half an hour. Once you have tried the bulbs and warm them up, you will see that its light will become brighter.


  • Very bright light
  • Resistant to harsh climates
  • Lasts considerable long
  • Easy to install
  • Different color options


  • Reports of defective ballasts

5. OPT7 Blitz 35W HID Xenon Conversion Kit

This HID conversion kit has been known for its high performance and superior quality ballasts. These components require less-hassle installation given these are mount-less. You may also select from a variety of sizes and colors under this brand.

As claimed, this is the smallest HID kit you could get from the market. Even if your car’s installation area is compact, it will still fit comfortably. Included in the package is a 35W ASIC chipset, which could provide service for more than 4,000 hours.

OPT7 Blitz 35W HID Xenon Conversion Kit also guarantees to generate light over 366 percent than typical halogen bulbs. Besides the high-quality bulbs, it comes with a casing made of T6 aluminum alloy, ensuring more robust protection for the bulb. This component is even sealed for water protection.

Besides the superior shell casing quality, silicone material is added. The material promises to resist water and shock for further protection. Furthermore, its 35W ballasts will power up your light bulbs with temperature of 3,000K to 10,000K.

The complete package of OPT7 Blitz 35W HID Xenon Conversion Kit makes it more convincing to use. Without the use of additional parts, you could complete the replacement lights’ setup. Even picking the right size will be easier since there is a wide range of dimensions offered by the brand.


  • Smallest HID conversion kit
  • Does not require additional components for setup
  • HID bulbs lasts longer than 5,000 hours
  • Various light temperature and color options
  • Capacitors and harness about flickering


  • Reports of poor quality components

Types of HID Kit

Prior to getting an idea of the best HID conversion kit, you should be aware of its varieties. It is true that conversion kits are made to provide better light than your typical halogen headlights. Professionals can attest that the best HID kits can provide thrice the light you could obtain from halogen.

At present, the illumination generated may even be five times stronger. This could be attributed to the filaments of HID lights, which are not present in halogen bulbs that only utilize gases.

1) Xenon HID Kit – This could be your best HID headlights given that it could produce more intense light. In order to start up, it requires up to 24,000 volts. Normally, this type of HID system also comes with a separate ballast, which is a power pack.

Ballast is responsible for providing the HID bulb with feed. Consequently, a light arc will be generated, which is specifically 300 percent brighter than the previous halogen illumination. Its lifespan is also extended by up to 10 times.

xenon headlight

2) Mercury-Vapor HID Kit – There are top or best HID kit brand options that still use a gas discharge lamp. Specifically, this utilizes an electric arc to produce light with the assistance of vaporized mercury. This generation is stored in an arc tube filled with quartz.

The HID kit has protection from harmful ultraviolet rays given its outer bulb. According to experts, this type of lamp is more effective than most products made of fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

3) Metal-Halide HID Kit – The electrical HID kit generates electric arc-supported light. The support it gets comes from metal halides and mercury combination. In other words, it is another gas discharge lamp.

The type of lamp has been present since the 1960s. You could somehow find it alike to mercury vapor lamps. The difference is its extra metal halide compounds, which are responsible for better color rendition and light efficiency.

4) Sodium-Vapor HID Kit – HID kits made of sodium-vapor lamps are also gas discharged. To produce light, the kit makes use of sodium. There are two types of this HID kit, which are high and low pressure.

High-pressure lamps generate a wider light spectrum. Alternatively, low-pressure lights are highly effective sources of lights but with yellow color.

5) Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide HID Kit – The source of light in this type of HID kit is metal-halide. Compared to standard metal halide HID kits, it is up to 20 percent more effective and also has better color rendition.

What to Look For When Buying

Given you already know the types of good HID kits, you should also give way to selecting the right product on the market. This is not done by ranking, but you should take regard of features carefully.

You have to guarantee that you will find not only the best HID lights according to its existing customers but in relation to your standards. Here are factors that will better explain the wise way of finding the best HID kit on the market:

1) Bulb Type – The best thing you could do is find a replacement to the existing headlights. If you have used a xenon HID kit previously, then you should find the same type of headlamp. Be careful in selecting a different type of HID kit since fitting issues may be encountered.

2) Color – There are different colors available offered by Kensun HID kit and other brands on the market. However, if you want the most popular one, you may settle with 6,000K. Before you even change the color of your headlamp, ensure that it is legal to use as per the federal or state law.

3) Tailored Kits – It is appealing to use a universal HID kit since it somehow claims to fit in almost all types of cars. However, this may only waste your investment. There are cars that require a specific kit.

For instance, there are vehicles that require customized ballasts. If you use the basic kits, errors or dysfunction will definitely be encountered.

headlight of a black luxury car

4) Quality – Check if the HID kit you are taking interest on has passed stringent quality control. There are cheap imports that are marked with certifications even without being subjected to testing. Always check the manufacturer’s background and veracity of certifications.

It is expected that using cheaper HID kits will only lead to a few weeks use. Instead of saving money, you will have to invest two times for replacement.

Using/ Safety Tips

Once you have purchased the most fitting HID kit for your car, you should learn how to properly install your new headlamps or replace your old set. Incorrect installation will often lead to incorrect warnings and faulty dash lights. Be careful not to let this happen or you may find yourself facing a lawsuit after getting caught on the road.

  • Prepare Your Car – Prior to using the HID kit, you should check if the disconnection of the battery from the car is done properly. It is best to cool down your engine, particularly if you have recently used it.
  • Remove Existing Headlamp – You may use your vehicle’s manual to find the location of your headlamp’s bulbs. Before you remove your existing bulb, it is advised that you detach the wiring first. Afterward, you may already place your new kit.

mechanic changing headlight

  • Place the Ballast First – It is imperative to find a good location for the ballast. It is advised to search for an area where you could reach the bulb easily.
  • Check the Wiring – Before you even try out the new headlights after installation, you should ensure everything is in the proper place. Besides securing the ballast, the wiring is as important.
  • Use Small Zip Tie – To keep your wiring neat, you may use a small zip tie. Simply remember not to tighten this extensively. Small zip ties are most useful in attaching the cables to your car, whereas a larger counterpart may be necessary for the ballast attachment to the frame.


Replacing your headlights could be done as early as today. Given the list of best HID packages and guidelines above, it is obvious that Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit is the winner of the round-up. It is not largely due to its variety of color and size options.

Basically, the product could boast every feature it has; it does not lack in every aspect of HID kit consideration, beginning with the component quality; the bulbs and ballasts it provides are all high quality and resistant to damage.

Even its casing is made for strenuous application. The installation is hassle-free. Excellence in customer service cannot be denied by its reviews as well, particularly in terms of installation support and replacement requests.

If you prefer a headlamp replacement that answers every point of customer’s preferences, this is the kit to buy. If you are worried about your budget, then you should be informed that the product is cost-effective; it is available at a reasonable price provided its top quality components and capabilities.

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