Best Jumper Cable Reviews 2017 – 2018

There are several tools you want to take with you whenever you plan for a long drive to help you in case of emergencies. One of these things is a set of jumper cables. No matter how strong your car’s battery is claimed to be, it could still drain in the long run. Accidentally, battery runs out due to electrical shorts or leaving it on for a long time.

If you do not want to be stranded for hours, jumper cables will make a lot of difference. However, the selection of jumper cables requires several considerations. One of the primary things to take note is the existence of both light duty and heavy duty jumper cables.

Still, good jumper cables are almost identical, making your selection more confusing. Looking for the right product is tiring, but worth the investment in the end.

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Best Jumper Cables Review

Energizer 4 Gauge Jumper Cables

These could be your best jumper cables with a length of 16 feet. The product is designed with clamps made of an aluminum material coated with copper. You may use these jumper cables for both side and top batteries.

The Energizer 4 Gauge Jumper Cables is designed to remain versatile even at negative 40 degrees Celsius. This assures you that it can withstand even the hottest engines it has to power up. Its clamps are designed to transmit up to 400 amperes.

This product is considered distinctive due to the design of its handles. It is made with components are easy to hold and promote more comfortable grip. Energizer even paired these handles with clamps that are safe from spark.

In order to avoid confusion in hooking the cables to both dead and boost batteries, the wires are in red and black colors. This makes identification of cables easier and your safety enforced. It is also made knot-free for easy storage.

You can keep it in small areas of your vehicle. The Energizer 4 Gauge Jumper Cables package even comes with a carry case to avoid clutter in your trunk. This bag also provides extra space for storing your small flashlight and safety glasses.

This is also a real trustworthy heavy duty set of jumper cables since it comes in 4-gauge thickness. Given its length, it will be able to sustain less than a two percent drop in voltage.


  • High-quality connection from wire to jaw
  • Eliminates strain from wire to handle
  • Made of top quality materials
  • Average gauge rating for heavy duty use
  • Color-coded


  • Plastic clamps
Energizer 12.99 Deal Expires 10/10 4-Gauge Jumper...
98 Reviews

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Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables

This versatile jumper cables measure 20 feet and has a 4-gauge rating. The product is designed to transmit up to 400 amperes to your dead battery. The cable kit is perfect for trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and vans among others.

With this easy-to-use kit, you no longer have to worry about tangle. Similar to the previous product, Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables are also designed with color coding, which are red for positive terminal and black for the negative end. Aside from easy clamping, the package also comes with a carry bag for easier storage.

The material used for the construction of these jumper cables is aluminum coated with copper. In both ends of the cables, you will have sturdy built contact clamps. These are made to provide solid grip and heavy duty security.

These jumper cables guarantee to make your engine run in no time. There will be no more hour-long isolation in a deserted place. Even though it is longer than its counterparts, you can bring it anywhere with you.

Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables are also offered with a lifetime replacement warranty from the manufacturer. According to its company manufacturer, they stand behind the quality of their items 100 percent. In case you have encountered defects and require replacements, a new item will be provided for you.


  • Tangle-free jumper cables
  • Comes with color coding (red and black)
  • Solidly built from aluminum
  • Longer than its counterparts
  • Extra grip clamps


  • Carry case is not large enough
Booster Cables in Carry Bag 4 Gauge 20 Foot 400 Amps
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Booster Cables in Carry Bag 4 Gauge 20 Foot 400 Amps
  • VERSATILE JUMPER CABLE designed to work in all weather climates. Perfect for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and SUVs.
  • EASY-TO-USE tangle free cables.
  • COLOR CODED: Red (+), Black (-)

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Performance Tool W1673 Jumper Cables

This product is similar to the two previously featured jumper cables given its 4-gauge rating. It measures 20 feet and you may use it for SUVs, full-sized trucks, and trailer vans among others. Performance Tool W1673 Jumper Cables is a heavy duty battery booster designed with color-coded clamps. The red pertains to the positive terminal. Alternatively, negative terminal will be hooked with a black clamp.

The cables are coated with rubber for further protection. This material also guarantees tangle-free storage. The clamps, on the other hand, are made of solid copper for better electricity transmission.

This battery booster can power up your battery by as much as 500 amperes. You would find Performance Tool W1673 Jumper Cables less frequently used by owners of smaller cars as most of its buyers are heavy vehicle drivers. You will find it heavier than other cables on the market. As expected, it will also take up more space, which is not a big problem if you have a larger vehicle.

The design of these jumper cables is intricately done. You will notice that its internal cable is made out of solid core welding. Moreover, there is also sheathing done on the wires, which keeps it flexible, abuse-resistant, and non-kinking among others.

Since it is heavier and thicker than other jumper cables, you may use it in cold weather. Despite the high electricity transfer, it does not heat up easily.


  • Heavy duty and thick cables
  • Solid and versatile clamp design
  • Transmits higher amperes
  • Usable regardless of the climate
  • Color-coded clamps


  • Takes more space
Performance Tool W1673 4GA x 20' (600 AMP) Battery...
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Performance Tool W1673 4GA x 20' (600 AMP) Battery...
  • Heavy duty for full size trucks, vans and SUVs
  • Heavy duty copper jaw clamps with the ability to clamp to top and side battery post to ensure the best connection when...
  • Red and Black clamps for easy identification of the negative and positive cables

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Cartman 10 Gauge Jumper Cables

These cables come with a higher gauge rating than other products on the list. Though it has a higher gauge, it is shorter coming in at 12 feet. Aside from the cables, you will get the item with a carry bag for easier storage.

You may use it to power up side post or top batteries. The construction of the cables is perfected with aluminum coated with copper. The ideal vehicles for these jumper cables are average-sized cars.

The Cartman 10 Gauge Jumper Cables can transmit only up to 200 amperes, which is lower than what its rivals can transfer yet it comes with a better grip design for its clamps. The ends are known for their better tension and conductivity. These jumper cables will not overheat and are great for cold weather. It has a low temperature resistance of negative 40 degrees Celsius. This is thanks to the T-Prene coating of the cables.

The surfaces of the Cartman 10 Gauge Jumper Cables are shielded for ergonomic construction and is also compliant to CA65 standards. Whether you are working on an SUV, truck, or mid-sized car, it will help you easily reach the boost car.

Regardless of the dead battery type, these jumper cables will work. Nonetheless, to remain on the safe side, you should use it on cars with less than 1,600cc engine.


  • Suitable for heavy duty vehicles
  • Coating is temperature-resistant and flexible
  • Well constructed for any weather
  • Solidly built clamps
  • Aesthetically pleasing carry bag


  • Too short for others
CARTMAN Booster Cables 10 Gauge 12 Feet in Carry Bag,...
1,186 Reviews
CARTMAN Booster Cables 10 Gauge 12 Feet in Carry Bag,...
  • Fits top and side post batteries; Luxurious carry bag for free.
  • Sufficient CCA (Copper coated Aluminium).
  • Ideal for use with small-size cars.

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Unique Imports Professional 1 Gauge Jumper Cable

These jumper cables are the longest that you can find in the market. It measures 25 feet and could transfer up to 800 amperes of electricity, making your battery jumpstart faster. The cords are designed for a tangle-free storage. The Unique Imports Professional 1 Gauge Jumper Cable is constructed for industrial use. The wires are shielded for temperature resistance. This implies you can use it for both cold and hot temperatures.

The clips are also heavy duty, ensuring a secure connection to any battery’s terminals. Regardless of frequent use, these components will not rust. Color codes are also used for the cables and clamps to avoid confusion. Aside from being the longest jumper cables today, these could be considered the heaviest. This explains why it is also recommended for use on heavy duty vehicles.

Although Unique Imports Professional 1 Gauge Jumper Cable is heavier than standard cables, its higher power transfer makes it an option for others. Simply imagine transmitting 200 percent more of regular ampere transmission from a boost car to your dead battery.

Sparks will also be avoided since cables are coated with plastic and rubber. You will also prevent the wires from having close contact with each other. The clamps also have hinge pins to keep shorts from taking place. Heat dissipation is also effective with the cables. Even if you power up trucks, it will not warm up easily.


  • Heavy and thick jumper cables
  • Works on both cold and hot weather
  • Plastic insulation for cables
  • Higher power transfer
  • Comes with a carry case


  • Reports of quick brittling
Professional Booster Cable 1 Gauge 20 ft 800 AMP -...
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Professional Booster Cable 1 Gauge 20 ft 800 AMP -...
  • 20 Foot - 1 Gauge - 800 AMP
  • Tangle-Free Cords - Color Coded Cables and Clamps
  • Temperature Resistant Shielding - Safe in Extreme Heat and Cold

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Best Jumper Cable Buying Guide

Types of Jumper Cables

jumper cable battery

By definition, the best jumper cables are electrical wires that connect two vehicles to power up a drained battery. You may use it for multiple-unit train control, railroad vehicle, locomotive car, and trailer vans among others.

Its construction is made of two heavy duty cables with alligator clips on its ends. The sets of wires are either red for positive side or black for negative side. Nonetheless, these cables are often identical, which is why caution must be observed to avoid interchanging them when hooked.

Many do not realize that jumper cables are available in different types. To make your selection of product easier, you should be able to sort the existing brands based on their type.

1) Heavy Duty Jumper Cable – This could be considered as the thicker jumper cables in the market. Nonetheless, this does not pertain to the width of the wiring alone.

A jumper cable is eligible to be called heavy duty if it has a reasonably set gauge. You do not need to find 10 gauge cables if you can locate heavy duty ones with a six-gauge that can jumpstart your truck easily. Others may also consider eight-gauge cables sufficient.

2) Light Duty Jumper Cable – This is the type of jumper cables with smaller or thinner dimensions. You will find these in department stores or gas stations. These are not recommended for use if you will work on SUVs or big trucks.

Moreover, the alligator clips of the cable are not as big as what you can find in the previous type. Solid connection cannot be ensured between the batteries’ two terminals.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Jumper Cables

jumper cables

There are certain aspects that you have to consider before purchasing the best jumper cables. With the wrong choice of product, the wires can cause harm to your batteries instead of powering it up. Normally, cheaper jumper cables will result to insufficient conduction of energy.

To help you find an effective set of jumper cables, consider these professional tips.

1) Do Not Be Deceived by Heavy Duty Claims – Not all jumper cables that are marketed as “heavy duty” should be trusted. Even if the gauge rating is high, you should still be careful. A rating higher than 10 may not be useful at all due to reduced power efficiency.

Tip: As a rule of thumb, you should find a six-gauge jumper cable instead if you do not know what to buy for your dump truck. It has more power and charging time is shorter.

2) Find a Thicker Set of Cables – Heavier and thicker jumper cables are reliable if you want to conduct more energy. This is highly advised if you are driving SUVs or trucks. These cables also have bigger alligator clips, creating a more solid connection.

3) Choose a Sufficient Length – A good minimum length for your jumper cables is 12 feet. If you can find longer wires, the better it is for your safety.

4) Check the Protective Features – It is risky to let the clamps slip off the terminals of two batteries. Apart from the cables, you should also check if the clamp attached to it is solid and in superior quality. As for the handles, avoid getting a shock by using those with coating of non-conducting materials like rubber.

5) Find Cables with Better Electricity Transmission – You could verify if cables are capable of transferring more electricity through checking its clamp material. For better transmission of power, you should find one made of solid copper instead of a standard one.

Safety Tips When Using the Best Jumper Cables

man using jumper

The use of jumper cables is sensitive since you are talking about transmission of electricity. Without caution, you may do more harm on your vehicle than good. There is a possibility for you to obtain shocks as well, which have been experienced by careless people.

  • Park the Vehicles Properly – In order to prepare the vehicles for the electricity transmission, it is best to park them facing each other. You also need to open their hoods in order to clamp the jumper cables with ease.
  • Check the Batteries’ Voltage Ratings – Before you even jumpstart your dead battery, ensure that the electricity source or boost car has similar voltage.
  • Clamp the Ends Carefully – The best jumper cables have both positive and negative ends. The red cable’s end is for the positive terminal of the battery, which is found in the car providing power. The other end is for the positive terminal of the battery found in the dead vehicle. One end will be clamped to the boost car’s negative terminal.

Note: Make sure that your ground wire is placed properly on the ground or the vehicle’s chassis.

  • Let the Engine Run for a Minutes – To begin the transmission of electricity, you should start the booster car. Let it operate for a few minutes.
  • Try Starting Your Dead Vehicle – After powering up your dead car, try to start your engine. If it does not start, there may be problems with your battery or cable connection. In case your engine works, you should not turn it off. For at least 15 minutes, drive your car to recharge its battery.

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You could keep yourself from getting stranded the next time you go for a road adventure. Instead of keeping worries in mind, you should find the best jumper cables to bring. Apparently, the best choice you have is the set of Energizer 4 Gauge Jumper Cables.

The cables won it highly in every aspect. It does not have an exaggerated length and thickness. Moreover, its gauge rating of four is enough for personal use.

Aside from its high-quality build of its cables, the rest of its parts like clamps and handles are high quality as well. Generally, its construction is made of extremely durable aluminum. Its design even became better since it is also coated with copper for higher conductivity.

You may use it anywhere regardless of the weather. It even comes with a carry case, which gives you no reason to leave it in your garage. Follow the guidelines in its proper use and you could jumpstart your battery when necessary.

Otherwise, you may check out other jumper cables provided these meet or exceed your personal preferences.

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