Best Pet Camera Reviews

Finding the best pet camera is one way of ensuring that your dog or cat is safe at home even when you are not around. If you are tired of finding out why your home is a mess while you are out of town, let the video serve as proof. Pet monitoring cameras are also designed to help you communicate with your dogs or cats even while you are out.

Security is also promoted by the product since you will have peace of mind that your pets are just at home. Advanced cameras are also constructed with features for night vision and picture capturing. The selection will also be complicated, which is why guidelines in purchasing the right one for your pet are necessary.

Best Pet Camera Review

1. Furbo Dog Camera

This pet camera is a smart gadget to keep track of your dogs while you are away. It features a treat-tossing component, which will keep your dogs entertained. According to Furbo, the pet camera is designed with the aid of veterinarians and professional trainers.

The Furbo Dog Camera will help you ensure that your pet feels loved even when you are traveling internationally or not home for days. It has a high definition camera that keeps track of your pet’s activity throughout the day. Even at night, it has a feature that allows you to see your dog and his or her movements.

By syncing the Furbo Dog Camera with an app, you can control the device to toss treats for your pet. The product is declared to be the only gadget that throws treats to pets into the air. This allows you to play a fetch game with your furry friend anywhere you may be.

You can also speak through the pet camera with its two-way audio feature. You can communicate with your dog using the app, ensuring them you care for them. In case your dog barks, you will be notified instantly so you can calm them down.

The setup of the pet camera is very easy and quick in only three minutes. You simply have to download the Furbo app on either Google Play or App Store, connect the device via the wireless connection and configure the basic settings.


  • Only treat-tossing pet camera
  • Dog bark detection
  • Easy to use controls
  • Quick setup
  • Modern design


  • Costlier than counterparts

2. Yi Dome Camera

This is a high-quality pet camera that can rotate up to 115 degrees vertically and 345 degrees horizontally. It also has a wide-angle lens that can cover up to 120 degrees. Yi Dome Camera is also designed to capture the panoramic view of your pet’s surroundings in high definition.

It ensures zero blind spots. There is also a mode for lens getting covered or under Auto-Masking setting. When not in use, an unintended recording will be prevented.

Without the need to create too many configurations, it has a navigation system that could provide you with a full control without lifting a finger. In a touch of the button, you can return to your bookmarks, which represents your stored eight positions.Apart from monitoring your pet while you are away, your home will also have an enhanced security system.

The Yi Dome Camera is also designed with motion tracker for 10 seconds. You can detect and capture movements using its advanced algorithms. You can even have accurate details, including motion trajectory.

You can install it in various positions, such as on the ceiling, wall mount, or vertically among others—it all depends on your convenience and interior setup. You also do not have to be concerned about detection since it has a 32GB MicroSD card that can keep up to 80 hours of uninterrupted videos.

To create a backup, you may use the YI Cloud for duplicate files. High-end protection is offered by Yi’s cloud service as proven by its regularly updated encryption key.


  • Adjustable features via app
  • No grainy pictures
  • Multiple setup positions
  • East setup
  • Secure cloud access


  • App has many permissions

3. Pet Treat Cam

Similar to the first camera featured, it has a treat-dispensing feature. Its only difference is its lack of food popping capability. It does not encourage a play of fetch with your dogs.

Nonetheless, it is also powered with features that allow you to interact with your pets conveniently regardless of where you are. With a simple tap of the app, you can see your pet, dispense his or her favorite treat, speak, and take a picture among others. Through the wireless connection, you can control the device using an application.

The Pet Treat Cam allows you to connect with your dogs or cats everywhere you go. You simply have to check in using your tablet or smartphone. The camera integrated into the device produces high-quality images, audio, and video.

You can still monitor your pet’s activity even at night. Checking out your dog’s or cat’s room is also easier with the camera’s wide-angle lens. Having peace of mind while you are out-of-town or out-of-the-country has become easier.

The Pet Treat Cam is also available with a variety of placement options. Additionally, it can store a wide array of treats. If you want to talk to your pet, you can use the microphone feature of Prezi app.

Apart from keeping tabs on your pet’s activities, you can also join the social network of Petzi. It is a web space where people, pets, and owners share their significant furry friends’ moments with others who love animals.


  • Treat-dispensing feature
  • High-quality picture and video
  • Connects to social network
  • Single tap control
  • Excellent customer service


  • Glitch reports

4. Petcube Camera

If you like for treat-dispensing cameras, there is another product that could help you play with your pets even while you’re away. It is declared as the next generation model of the same brand’s laser pet camera, which received positive feedbacks from its users. At present, the Petcube Camera is equipped with night vision feature and 1080p high definition video capture.

Compared to its predecessors, it has a smaller structure making it easier for you to locate a space for it. It also has an upgraded Bluetooth connectivity and the device also syncs with your smartphone via the wireless connection.

Its high definition camera is paired with a wide-angle camera that can take shots of as much 138 degrees of your pet’s room. If you prefer to communicate with your pet, it also has a two-way audio feature with speakers and microphone. This will keep your dog or cat calm down by simply hearing your voice.

As for the play feature, it has a built-in 5mW class laser, which is approved for safety. You can control the movement of the laser to play with your pets through your smartphone. Your video and image captures could be stored securely with the aid of 128-bit encryption technology and Secure data transfer (SSL).

The Petcube Camera has three modes, sleep, awake, and quiet settings. Apart from sound detection, you can also keep track of motion in the area where the camera is situated.


  • Built-in safe laser for play
  • Wider lens
  • Clear audio
  • Dual file security
  • Sleek design


  • Firmware issues

5. NEXGADGET 720P HD Wireless Security IP Camera


The high definition camera that comes with this product serves as an IP monitoring device that can be used to keep track of your pet’s activities. It syncs with both Apple and Android phones. The NEXGADGET 720P HD Wireless Security IP Camera app can be streamed via your smartphone, tablet, and PC among others no matter where your area.

Its wireless camera can provide you with a full view of your pet’s room since it can pan or tilt up to 90 degrees vertically and 355 degrees horizontally. The lens has three megapixels of resolution, generating images and videos at 1280 pixels by 720 pixels. The true color display will also be delivered with the aid of its IR-CUT filter that automatically applies to the files being captured.

If you want to monitor your pet’s daily activities, the NEXGADGET 720P HD Wireless Security IP Camera can be used 24 hours in seven days. It has a live video streaming feature that works even at night with an extended range of 32 feet. In case the sound or motion is detected, you will be notified right away on your smartphone.

Apart from seeing your pet playing in his or her room, you can also communicate if you want to make them feel secure. The installation of the camera is relatively easy. It ships with a stand you can use to quickly place the camera on a shelf, table, or even wall.


  • High-quality image, video, and audio
  • Easy to use settings
  • Quick access via phone
  • Extended night vision reach
  • Multiple placement options


  • Recording stops after motion detection

 The Best Pet Camera Buying Guide

Types of Pet Camera

Types of Pet Camera

If you are looking for pet video cameras, you should be aware of the product’s different kinds. In every category of the surveillance gadget for your dogs or cats, there are specific purposes and added features to consider. The choice will largely depend on your personal preferences.

There are cases that some owners look for a primary tracker, whereas others look for an interactive pet camera. To begin narrowing your choices for pet camera, here are its types.

1) IP Pet Camera – This is the best pet cam for those who want to see their pets from afar or while not at home regardless of the time and place. It is an advanced type of camera that syncs with the smartphone. It has controls on looking onto the surrounding areas of your pet.

Apart from handphones, you may also access the IP pet camera via the web using a browser or downloaded app. Added features to this camera are two-way audio, image sensors, and motion detection among others.

2) Pet Camera and Dispenser – Some cameras are attached to a treat dispenser. This allows you to feed your dog or cat even when not at home. If you want to see your pet smile during a hectic day, just dispense treats using the wireless connection.

Other features of this type of pet camera are photo capture, quick sharing on social media sites, and communication with your dogs or cats.

3) Pet Camera with Play Feature – If there is a camera meant to dispense treats for your furry pets, there is one with a play feature. By standard, it also monitors the activity of your pets when you are out. It also allows you to control the built-in toy using your phone or programmed settings to exercise or play with your dog or cat.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Pet Camera

What to Look for When Buying the Best Pet Camera

If you are looking for top rated pet surveillance camera, you should consider the most important features that it must possess to be highly useful. As stated above, there is a pet cam that gives treats, but you need more than this. There are other significant attributes that your pet monitoring gadget should have, here is the breakdown.

1) Wireless Connection – Even if you have purchased a pet camera that gives treats, it is still imperative for it to have a wireless connection to serve its purpose. It must be able to sync with your smartphone, tablet, or PC so you could easily view your pets despite your location. There are cases that app or a website will allow you to access your camera via an IP address.

2) High Definition Camera – It is best to choose a camera that can capture images and videos at a high resolution. As much as possible, the camera is equipped with a wide-angled lens so you could check even the surroundings of your pet. This will provide you peace of mind that nothing hazardous is in proximity to your dogs or cats.

Note: It is ideal to look for cameras that can zoom, pan, and scan accordingly. The controls must also be present in your smartphone.

3) Live Streaming – It is useful if the pet camera is only useful for reviewing the history of your dog’s or cat’s activity throughout the day. It is best to have a live streaming feed, giving your real-time assurance that your pet is safe. Even if you are travelling abroad, tracking your pet can be done throughout the day regardless of the gadget that you are using.

4) Night Vision – The pet camera must capture images and videos even in low visibility conditions. This is powered by infrared technology and may have extended range in advanced pet camera models.

5) Two-Way Talk System – This may not be compulsory but is highly useful if you also want to speak to your pets via wireless technology. Some pets calm down whenever hearing their owner’s voice.

Safety Tips when Using the Best Pet Camera

Safety Tips when Using the Best Pet Camera

Using your pet camera for home has to be done correctly so you could maximize the advantages of the device. Not all best dog camera options can serve you well by itself. There are cases that installation and configuration of the owner are necessary.

Once you have found your best pet monitoring camera, here are points you should keep in mind:

1) Find the Right Spot – It is best to find the right place that will provide you with the best view of your pet while you are away. This will be very easy if your pet is only caged or has their own room. Apart from positioning the camera efficiently, you should ensure that it is zoomed in.

If your dog or cat is free to roam around, select a focal point where your pet is usually staying. Try locating the camera’s spot the way you position your computer.

2) Select Your Home Station – This could either be your tablet or desktop. This will be the base of your pet camera wherein the main configuration or settings will be stored.

3) Sync Your Receiver – Once your home station is set, you should also sync your receiver. This will be the device you will use to control the pet camera remotely. Apparently, this is a mobile device you will take with you.

4) Ensure That the Camera Is Stable – You should guarantee that the camera is stable enough no matter how stubborn your pets are to avoid crashing every furnishing around.

5) Perform a Trial – To make sure that the camera is working accordingly, you should carry out a test. Film the area, watch it, and adjust the settings, such as resolution, zooming, or panning accordingly.

6) Activate Notifications – There are instances that you will not be able to watch the live feed. In this case, you should enable the notifications. This will help you stay informed on what your pet is doing.


Overall, the Furbo Dog Camera won the round-up as the best pet camera. It does not only let you see your pets or talk to them, but it also allows you to play with them. It is the only camera that tosses treats to your pets, promoting exercise and interaction even when you are not around.

It also did not fall short when it comes to camera quality. The controls are very easy to use, making it more convenient for an owner to respond to his or her pet’s needs. Though packed with features, it is practical for everyone.

Alternatively, if you do not prefer the product, you may try out other pet cameras as well. Only take into consideration the guidelines in selecting one to still end up with a right decision.

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