Best Pooper Scoopers for Dogs Reviews

Nobody loves picking up their dog’s poop—and that’s a fact. The least thing that you can do is it get the best pooper scooper for your dog. You must remember that this is a part of your job as a dog owner. The good thing is, there are a lot of variety of pooper scooper in the market for you to choose from.

One of the best reasons why you need to buy poop scoopers is because you won’t surely like to be hassled whenever your dog needs to poop. When you have one of these, it will serve as your assistant in disposing of it properly without making it messy.

This buying guide presents the top-rated poop scoopers in the market that is the perfect solution for cleaning up after your dog’s droppings.

Best Pooper Scoopers for Dogs Review

1. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop


If you are looking for the best pooper scooper for grass, then Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop is the perfection option. Aside from this, you will like how lightweight it could get any time and anywhere.

One of the best thing about this poop scooper is that you can use it in any type of surface. Some of the regular scoopers in the market will leave messy traces, but not Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop. The scoop is also very broad so you can save time in cleaning your dog’s droppings.

Aside from the mentioned features, this poop scooper has an antibacterial mechanism. This functions as an odor inhibitor so when you dispose of it, you will be relieved that it will not cause too much foul odor.

You can use it on grass, cement, or any surfaces. You will really be able to test its ability when you use it on grass. The surface is non-stick so you can quickly scoop the droppings without any problem even it is on the lawn.

This poop scooper can be used multiple times because it doesn’t retain the odor of the droppings. The deodorizing effect makes it possible for the plastic to eliminate the stinky odor. In this way, it will not be problematic to store it.

According to most of the users, this poop scooper saves them from backaches. The handle is very durable and sturdy. They even noted that it has enough tension to close it jaw to pick up the droppings of your dog.

2. Bodhi Dog NEW Complete Poop Pack


The Bodhi Dog Complete Poop Pack can be considered to be the best dog poop scooper when it comes to providing a complete package for cleaning. It would be so convenient to have everything that you need to clean when your dog pooped.

The maker has also included rolls of plastic for proper disposal. The pooper scooper can also be customized according to the color of your choice. There is also a dog waste holder included keeping everything clean and in order.

The quality of the materials used to make this poop scooper are ensured to be of high-quality. This is the reason why it received a lot of good feedbacks from the users. The built is made from high-grade non-stick plastic.

The jaws of this poop scooper are equipped with a string that can produce high tension to ensure the secure hold. You will be able to get full control of the scooper when you hold it due to the ergonomic design of the handle.

Another feature that makes it notable is the ergonomic design of the handle. It is made with finger slots so you can just easily slide in your fingers. After usage, you can store properly because of its natural hang feature.

This Peaceful Poop Pack guarantees that you’ll be able to maximize its hassle-free cleanup features as well as the easy-to-dispose plastic bags.

Most of its users praise it because of its clean way of picking up dog droppings. Aside from this, it is very easy to assemble right out of the box. They even recommended it for most households.

3. Four Paws Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper


The Four Paws Grass Wire Rake is a metal pooper scooper for dogs that ensures the easy way of cleaning up your dog’s droppings. Just like any other scooper in the market, it is very useful in picking up poop without the fear of dropping it.

This equipment is recommended for deep and sandy places. Even if you frequently use it, your yard will not be damaged and it won’t tear up the grass. Your garden will surely be safe with the Four Paws Grass Wire Rake.

The handle is also made of soft rubber to prevent your hands from getting sore while the prongs are made from metal. It makes enough room for picking up dog droppings and even if you clean it with water all the time, you don’t need to worry of its anti-rust qualities.

Most of the users are very satisfied with its performance especially in keeping the area clean right after you pick up the poop. The full rake prevents grass from being pulled up while you are cleaning up. This is probably one of its main benefits.

It is recommended for people who have a sandy yard. Most dogs love playing around these places so expect that they will eventually poop around. To keep your area sanitized, make sure to have the Four Paws Wire Grass Rake.

Some users noted that they could even use it like how they use a horse manor fork. The good thing is that you can use it for different purposes. With its simple design, this poop scooper is perfect for the variety of purposes and surfaces.

4. Tidy Turd Pooper Scooper


The Tidy Turd Pooper Scooper is known for its solid built that’s why it’s considered by many households as the best pooper scooper for dogs. It is made with sturdy materials but very lightweight.

You won’t have a problem with carrying it around and storing it. Aside from this, the materials are ensured to be of high-quality. The non-stick bucket and serrated teeth make this pooper scooper applicable for both big and small dog droppings. You can quickly scoop it because the dual recoil tension is made even better.

For those who hate getting near or smelling the poop, it is recommended to get one of these because of its tall shaft. It allows you to scoop the poop while maintaining distance. You also don’t have to bend that much so say goodbye to backaches. The 24 inches shaft of the Tidy Turd Pooper Scooper is just what you need if you hate having back cramps and pains.

The arc grip is also very comfortable to use. It prevents strains and allows your hand to comfortably scoop the droppings without getting your hands and wrist twisted and sore. The soft rubber handles also make it easier for you to grip it with tension.

You don’t need to wear gloves anymore because custom socks are included with this product. These sacks are already a perfect fit on the scoop, so you don’t need to touch anything with your bare hands. The shovel is also non-stick so you can easily clean it with water.

5. GoGo Stik Clean Pooper Scooper

If you are looking for the best pooper scooper for larger dogs, then the GoGo Stik pooper scooper might be the best option for you. This is designed to keep your area clean during and after cleaning up the poop.

The feature that makes it unique compared to other ordinary pooper scoopers in the market is its eco-friendly mechanism. You can use plastic bags that are not being used to serve as the plastic poop bag. It will surely fit because one clamp fits all.

This pooper scooper has the longest shaft which measures 36 inches in length. Older adults will surely love it because they don’t need to do a lot of bending and kneeling down while cleaning. You can do all the cleaning comfortably just like you are mopping around.

If you want a faster and more efficient way of cleaning, then get yourself GoGo Stik Clean Pooper Scooper. The shovel has a rounded and square shape that is equipped with a tapered blade. You can make use of the rounded one if you’re going to work on grass. The straight one is applicable for sidewalks.

You can use it for a longer period because all the parts of this pooper scooper are protected from rust and corrosion. The material used is a high-grade aluminum for maximum performance.

Another feature that makes it attractive for users is that you can practice your golf skills with its flexible shaft as you don’t need to bend. You can also practice holding the club with this pooper scooper.

Best Pooper Scoopers for Dogs Buying Guide

If you are a dog owner, you should know that you have a responsibility in picking up your dog’s poop. Since they cannot do it by themselves, you are obligated to do it to keep the surroundings clean.

Kinds of Poop Scooper

1) Jaw Type – This is one of the most affordable poop scoopers in the market. In fact, people have been using it for a long time. All you need to do is to squeeze the handle, and the jaw will automatically open. Only one hand is required for this action so you can still grab the leash using your another hand.

When you suddenly release the handle, the jaw will automatically close, keeping the load secured inside. You can dispose of it anytime because the pooch will not smell inside.

Regarding versatility, this is the best choice because you can use it for all types of surfaces. You can efficiently pick the pooch whether your dog dropped it on concrete, grass, or sand. As long as it can actively grip it, there will be no traces left on the surface.

2) Clean Hand Type – This kind of poop scooper is similar to a DIY plastic bag where you can properly dispose your dog’s droppings. This type of product will less likely come in contact with the deck. To make it easier for you, this equipment often comes with a thong. Many people find it very convenient to use.

3) Scoop Type – Just think of this as a regular shovel. It is a bit messy and gross to clean up the poop. The only downside is that there will surely be traces after you pick it up. This is the primary reason why pet owners prefer other types of scoopers.

If you plan to opt for this kind of method, be sure to prepare cleaning materials to wipe off the excess stains on the surface. This is only recommended if the droppings are robust and dry.

4) Handiscoop Type – This poop scooper allows you to maintain the standing position while picking up the poop. This is recommended for older adults who cannot bend down comfortably. The shaft is very long, so most users find it very convenient.

How to Choose the Best Pooper Scoopers for Dogs

1) Size of Your Dog or Pet – It is a known fact that the size of your pet’s poop greatly depends on his body mass and size. In this case, it is recommended to get a bigger poop scooper. That’ll work for both small breeds and large breeds.

Another consideration that you need to make is the growth of your pet. They will eventually get bigger in size, and it would be better if you have the best pooper scooper for large dogs. It is wise to consider your pet’s potential size before buying your equipment.

2) Method of Disposal – You need to ask how you are going to get rid of your dog’s droppings. Are you going to bag it up and throw away? Some dog poop scoopers already have its plastic roll bags, so you just need to seal it before throwing away.

It is best if you choose a scooper with this inclusion in the package, so you will not be hassled by trying to find the nearest dog waste collection station. If it’s going to take time for you to throw it away, be sure to have a scooper that has an antibacterial effect to prevent foul odor.

3) Material of the Poop Scooper – It is a known fact that most scoopers are created with plastic. On the other hand, there are manufacturers that create scoopers from pure metal. If you are going to opt for a metal scooper, be sure to choose a non-rust scooper. If possible, look for the one that is made from high-grade aluminum.

Plastic scoopers are also durable. You just need to maintain them clean as possible by frequent cleaning and sanitizing. This is to prevent the odor to linger around. Aside from this, some materials are prone to bacterial infestation. Metal can be sanitized well with antibacterial detergents.

Other Considerations to Make

Two of the most important features to consider are the durability and longevity of the poop scooper. It is common for a poop scooper to last for a longer period. If you are going to make a choice, settle for something that can last for the lifetime.

If you don’t see yourself without pets, then it is the perfect time to get yourself the best dog poop scooper in town. Invest on something that you can use for a longer period. It may cost higher compared to other poop scoopers, but it can provide you the quality cleaning that you’ll be looking for.

Damage to Surfaces

Some poop scoopers in the market are made with serrated teeth. You should note that it can cause damage to your grass or soil. To avoid it, try looking for a poop scooper with a wide jaw. Only the pooch will be swept off when you use it.

Price of the Poop Scooper

The price of poop scoopers varies from its quality, brand, and material used. Check your budget first before deciding to buy a good set of scooper.

Scoopers made from plastic are often offered at a lower price compared to the high-grade aluminum ones.

Why is it Important to Clean Up Dog’s Poop?

When you see your dog’s, poop was lying around, you are also spreading bacteria and parasites. That can cause serious illness to other animals and humans as well. Dog poop scoopers are created to maintain cleanliness in the environment. As a responsible pet owner, you must practice hygiene and sanitation by disposing of your pet’s dropping correctly.


To maintain a healthy environment, it is recommended to invest on good quality dog poop scoopers. There are a lot to choose from in the market, so you need to know the things to consider prior to buying.

The GoGo Stick poop scooper is one of the best in the market because it is the most versatile in its league. You can use it for larger and smaller breeds. The quality is also remarkable. The long handle makes it convenient for elders and those who wouldn’t want to bend down.

Make this buying guide as your reference in investing for a quality poop scooper. Note that functionality and durability are far more important than style.

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