Best Senior Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

Every dog owner knows that when their dogs reaches senior age, their needs for nutrients and minerals also increase. This is the reason why getting them the best senior dog food for sensitive stomach is detrimental in keeping them in good shape and health.

As a rule of the thumb, your dog is already considered a “high” if he is already in the half of his total life expectancy. They do not require the high amount of calories, instead, they need to be supplemented with ample amounts of fiber. This helps them their digestive system break down food particles.

This buying guide will assist you in determining the best senior dog food for sensitive stomach for your paws. Check out the top-rated food brands in the market.

Top Best Senior Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach Review

1. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food


Again, Wellness formulated another product which earned its spot as one of the best dog food for older dogs. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food packs 30 pounds of real chicken and barley that are excellent for aging dogs.

It is inevitable that as your dog matures and ages, his nutritional requirements also change. With this happening, awareness is critical especially with the food you are going to feed them.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food was formulated with the right natural ingredients to support your dog’s health and provide the daily essential whole nutrition to promote life longevity and overall fitness. It provides an optimal balance of nutritious dog food to fulfill the health requirements of your senior dog.

It also supports your dog’s healthy maintenance of body weight, body mass, vitality, nutrient absorption, coat and skin condition, joint and hip performance, and digestive activities. It makes sure that these factors are well covered and guarantees an efficient cultivation of such.

Another advantage of the Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food is that, although it is composed of natural ingredients for optimum nutritional benefits, it tastes good. Even the most food picky dogs will enjoy this meal. You will not have the trouble of forcing your pet to eat this senior dog food.

With all of its favorable implications, this senior dog food also has its fair share of downsides. Some buyers claim to have experienced foul odor from the product. This is very rare and will most probably happen if you will purchase a fake Wellness Complete dog food.

2. Diamond Naturals Dry Food For Senior Dogs

The Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Senior Dogs is likely to be the best dog food for senior dogs because the formulation is meant to target the needs of your aging dog. This dry dog food is formulated with the optimal level of protein and fats to support your dog’s healthy immune system.

To support the joint function of your dog, glucosamine and chondroitin were included in the product. To promote your dog’s digestive system, probiotics are also added to it. The synergy of the formulation makes it a powerful food supplement for senior dogs.

One of the main ingredients of this dry dog food is whole grain brown rice. It is known to man that this kind of rice is full-packed with antioxidants. It is very helpful for boosting the immune system of your dog. Another ingredient is chicken. It is also an excellent source of healthy protein.

It is considered as a super food in the market because it also contains selenium and Vitamin E. These two antioxidants work in synergy which is other. They produce enzymes that function as a cell protector. Your senior dog must at least receive 1 mg of selenium every day.

On the other hand, Vitamin E is vital in keeping your dog’s cardiovascular health stable. Aside from this, vitamin E can also keep the dog’s skin smooth and moisturized. When selenium and Vitamin E work together, it can give a boost of health to your senior dog.

If you are searching for a dry dog food that will help in replenishing vitamins and minerals in your dog’s body, then the Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food is one of the best options for you.

3. Purina ONE Smartblend Vibrant Maturity Dog Food


The Purina ONE Smartblend is considered as an old dog food brand. This dry dog food is equipped with balanced nutrients and balanced nutrition for your aging dog. The good thing about this is that it is formulated with real meat.

This brand has already established its name in the market. It has built its reputation among users and remaining steadfast with its real name. This dry food contributes to the total well-being of your dog.

One way of proving this is by testing it on a senior dog’s eyes. With continuous usa of this top rated senior dog food, you will notice that your dog will eventually have bright eyes and healthy skin color. This is because of the balanced nutrients Purina ONE Smartblend has.

This blend is an excellent source of Glucosamine. This component is critical in maintaining the functionality of the joints of senior dogs. As they age, their joints will eventually get stiff, and that will significantly affect their mobility.

Aside from this, dry food is easier to digest compared to other dog foods on the market. In this case, the nutrients will inevitably be absorbed into your dog’s body. Your dog’s bowel movement will also be regulated.

Another content that makes this brand far superior to others is the Omega 6. This is responsible for making your dog’s skin healthy and radiant. It also helps in keeping the heart healthy and functioning normally.

The real chicken inclusion makes it taste delicious and mouth-watering for your dog. It also increases the appetite of a senior dog. The blend is formulated with the right flavor technology to boost the appetite of the dog.

4. Blue Buffalo Blue Dog Food


This could be the best dry dog food brand because of its high inclusion of protein and L-Carnitine. It helps in maintaining the muscles lean for mobility. It’ll make the muscles stronger and less stiff. Senior dogs are known to have weaker muscles and bones. The Blue Buffalo Blue Food can assist in replenishing the lost nutrients.

This dog food also includes real fruits and vegetables. They are a good source of antioxidants to help boost your dog’s immune system. The nutrients can assist in the recovery of illness if taken for a period.

Real chickens are the main ingredients of this dog food. This is a delicious way of delivering amino acids to your dog’s body in a healthy way. Whole grains are also included to keep the digestive tract healthy and functioning.

Barley and oats are also part of the blend. These ingredients make it very nutritious for senior dogs. The extra boost added in the formulation can help in aiding your dog in the aging process. The supply of carbohydrate is increased to give the energy needed.

Veggies and fruits like carrots, potatoes, and berries are included to make the formulation overflowing with antioxidants. In this way, your dog will be safe from dangerous diseases. It can also recovery from illness.

Most users are all hands down with the Blue Buffalo Blue Dog Food as their dry top dog food. There are many products available in the market today but senior dog food reviews also presented how effective this formulation is.

5. Hill’s Science Diet Active Longevity Chicken Meal


Known to be the best senior dog food for sensitive stomach brand, Hill’s Science Active Longevity is best recommended for dogs that are prone to illness due to old age. The formulation is usually made from wholegrain foods. These include whole grain oats, barley, and corn.

This formulation includes concentrated meat from chicken and is guaranteed to contain protein much more than eggs. This high level of protein is needed to support the energy production of your aging pet. Aside from this, the brown rice acts as a complex carbohydrate that is easy for your dog to digest.

The Hill’s Science Diet Active Longevity Chicken Meal can bring your dog back to its youthful energy. It was said to provide the lost power to your dog due to old age. The natural ingredients used to make this dog food have the high content of vitamins and amino acids.

Some pet owners have tried using it on their pets. Increased stamina and fast recovery from the illness were the frequent feedbacks from them. The complex carbohydrates and high protein content of this dog food are the main reason why their metabolism is faster than before.

The balanced diet that this dog food can provide is necessary for the longevity of your aging dog. You should note that their health is not that stable compared to younger pups. The main component of their diet should include high dosage carbohydrates and protein.

If you have an aging buddy, it is recommended to avail this senior dog food if you would like them to have an extended time with you and your family.

Best Senior Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach Buying Guide


Types of the Best Senior Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

The best thing that you can do for your dog is choosing the best senior dog food for sensitive stomach to be included in their diet. They don’t need any luxuries. Just feed them with the right food with the right amount and good time. When it comes to buying food for aging dogs, there are a lot of things to consider.

They need the right balance of carbs and protein to strengthen their bodies. You should also look out for too many calories because it will not have a good effect on their bodies. This is the reason why choosing their dry food requires medical intervention sometimes.

1) Budget Food Vs Premium Food – Investing in a high-quality senior dog food is worth it. Those premium brands in the market are known to have better ingredients and passed strict pet food regulations. If you are going to resort to cheaper dog foods, expect that it will not contain ample amount of protein.

The ingredients used are the primary determiners of the price of the dog food. High-end brands are studied to have up to 60% of protein while cheaper brands only contain about 15% of protein. Fillers are used in the latter to make their product bulky.

2) Dry Food VS Wet Food – One of the things that you need to consider in choosing is the texture of the dog food. Aging dogs tend to be picky with their diet. As a dog owner, you should know what will appeal to your dog.

Often, wet dog foods are more palatable to older dogs as they find it more appetizing more than overly dry kibbles or pellets. The taste and smell are enticing for them. Moisture is the reason behind it. Wet food contains at least 80% moisture.

Most of the real meat contents and animal derivatives are included in wet foods. Before buying your product, you should consider if it can be messy. Expect spillovers all around your dog when you serve him wet dog food.

On the other hand, dry dog food is more practical and budget friendly. You can even buy it in bulk, and you can transport it easily because they are in packs. If you don’t have the money to buy wholesale, you can measure the desired amount.

Regarding the expiration date, dry dog foods tend to last longer compared to the wet ones. However, don’t expect that your dog will love it more than wet dog food but don’t worry; he’ll get used to it over time.


3) Raw Diet Dog Food – Most sick dogs are required to follow a raw diet. The raw diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits. Aside from these, raw meat from chicken and beef are also included. Usually, the meat is given uncooked.

Pet owners have noted that their dogs like eating raw meat; however, there is instance when your senior dog would develop parasitical infestation due to eating something raw. It is of utmost importance to make sure that the meat is free from parasites before you let your dog feed on it.

4) Grain Free Dog Food – This kind of diet prohibits grains to be included in the food of your senior dog. Some of the examples are corn, soy, and barley. It is true that foods are not toxic for dogs, but there are only minimal nutrients that they can get from it.

You should not forget that your dog is a meat-eating creature. It is still best if you are going to include meat in their diet even if you opt to place your dog on a grain-free diet. You should also choose a brand that contains no unneeded plant. This is to prevent indigestion on your senior dog.

To make it simple, if you want to eliminate unwanted protein from your dog’s system, then the grain-free diet is the best solution to that.

Senior Dog Food Guidelines


The case for top dog foods is significantly different from puppy food. For your adult dog, you should be able to maintain it consistently. Your goal here is to maintain your dog’s health and energy.

There are essential nutrients and vitamins that your senior dog food should have. In the case of crude protein, it must have at least 18% and for the crude fat, it should only be 5%. One of the most valuable content is the Vitamin D. The recommended dosage is 5000IU.

The key here is the balance. Most manufacturers are coping to meet the required dosage of the nutritional contents of their senior dog food. However, you should also know the limit. Your top dog should not be given too much of copper and zinc. That would be harmful to their health.

Preservatives in Dog Food

Keeping the shelf life of your dog food requires chemicals. You should know that there are natural forms of chemicals, just make sure that they are too much.

Combination and Blended Diet

Your senior dog’s diet can be a mix of different types and texture of foods. Some dog owners mix the dry and wet dog foods. This is practical because your stock food tends to last longer. If you like, you can mix healthy home cooked food to your dry dog food.

If you are going to give you’re a combination diet, make sure that it is healthy and that your dog can benefit from it. Aside from this, ensure that it can be mixed well with dry food kibbles.

Your senior dog needs more nutrients than before because his body is starting to deteriorate. Make sure that your combination will be balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.


With so many choices in the market, you might find it hard to search for the best senior dog food for sensitive stomach that will meet the needs of your dog. This buying guide should serve as a reference on the things to consider when buying dog foods for a senior.

Purina One Smartblend is one of the best in the market. It contains almost all the essential nutrients that your senior dog needs. The Smartblend technology makes it possible for the nutrients and vitamins to be evenly distributed.

You should determine the kind of dog food your pet needs before buying. Sometimes, it is best to seek the help of a medical professional since they know better than anyone else. Let this buying guide serve as your reference to find the perfect for your dog.

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