Best Weightlifting Gloves Reviews 2017 – 2018

One of the necessities when hitting the gym to lift weights is a pair of gloves. Apparently, best weightlifting gloves are designed to prevent the development of blisters, bruises and calluses on your hands.

Apart from protection, the gloves are made to provide you more control over your weights or bars. Regardless of the type of weight you encounter, it offers considerable grip. Nonetheless, prior to selecting the most suitable gloves for your weightlifting, you have to consider certain factors.

Apart from the list of top rated products, you should also know how to select one wisely. This includes evaluation of the features of the gloves.

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Best Weightlifting Gloves Review

Cropal Weightlifting Gloves

This is among the pairs you will definitely trust given that it is made from premium leather material. It can ensure durability, long-lasting use, and sufficient grip. These weight training gloves are made from real leather, which is non-slip by construction.

Apart from the cushion, Cropal Weightlifting Gloves are also designed to provide sufficient air flow for your hands, reducing the development of moisture. This makes you more comfortable while training.

Cropal Weightlifting Gloves have real leather for the palm, fingers, and back of the material.  With its durability, your hands will definitely attain the utmost protection. The manufacturer also claimed to have added another leather layer to prevent the fading of the material.

You can have better power and control from these weightlifting gloves because there are foam pads for the thumb and palm. The key points of your hand will remain strain-free. To keep your movements flexible, there is also a mesh material used for the spaces between the fingers and the back of the hand.

The weightlifting gloves are also constructed with wrist closures, which are adjustable. This ensures that the gloves will fit snugly on your hands. This feature is highly beneficial for someone who often hits the gym for training. The wrist closures are also highly recommended if you are looking forward to upgrading your lifting period and intensity.

You could select from its four available sizes. The small size ranges from 7 to 7.5 inches. Medium is from 7.5 to 8 inches.  Large is 8 to 8.5 inches while extra-large is more than 8.5 inches.


  • Made for serious weightlifters
  • Thick padding
  • Holds up for lon g periods
  • Easy to take off
  • Highly comfortable


  • Reports of loose stitching
CROPAL Weight Lifting Gloves, Premium Leather...
36 Reviews
CROPAL Weight Lifting Gloves, Premium Leather...
  • Cropal Advantages: world's premier weight training gloves. Real leather and tactical non-slip, cushioning and breathable...
  • Real Leather: Premium leather on the back, fingers and palm protects hand and enhance glove durability. At the same time...
  • Non-slip, cushioning and Breathable: Exclusive tactified silica gel palm enhances grip control and power. Foam pads are...

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Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves

This is a surprisingly affordable alternative to the first set of weightlifting gloves. They are known to be built with a very simple design, but will not disappoint in terms of quality.

Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves are made from durable fabric and imitation leather. Though not constructed out of real leather, their attractive look makes them a must-try for many weightlifters. They also do not fall short in providing sufficient cushion for the hand, consequently protecting it from blisters and calluses.

Compared to standard weightlifting gloves, the Nordic weightlifting gloves have a minimal cushion for the hand in order to sustain their lightweight construction. However, you will notice that they are made of smartly added padding. Since the cushion is reduced, the gloves remain flexible when used.

Apart from the said feature, the weightlifting gloves are made with wrist wraps that will keep them tight on the hands. Each glove also comes with reinforced stitching to ensure it will not simply come off after frequent use.

Though it is designed with dyes, it will not bleed even if you sweat after a strenuous workout. You can select from its variety of sizes. The gloves are designed for both boys and girls. Sizing options include extra small at below seven inches, small at 7 to 7.5 inches, medium at 7.5 to 8 inches, large at eight to 8.5 inches; and extra-large at more than 8.5 inches.


  • Applicable for any training
  • Protects from blisters and calluses
  • Comes with wrist straps
  • For both men and women
  • Attractive design


  • Not built for long-term use
Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves with 12' Wrist...
1,835 Reviews
Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves with 12" Wrist...
  • Weight Lifting Gloves With Integrated Wrist Support - by Premium Weightlifting Brand Nordic Lifting
  • Provides the Best Grip For Both Men & Women - Please Check Listing Images for Sizing Chart
  • Has the Right Amount of Padding That Provides Protection Against Painful Calluses & Blisters

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EZY Fitness Weightlifting Gloves

These weightlifting gloves are designed to protect your hands from blisters and calluses despite working for a longer period in the gym. They are designed with wrist wraps, which will ensure the snugly fit of the gloves. These components are added to avoid accidental twists.

Compared to their rivals, these weightlifting gloves are said to be stronger due to their premium quality materials. According to EZY Fitness, they have selected synthetic leather, which cannot be easily damaged by frequent use.

EZY Fitness Weightlifting Gloves are ergonomically designed to keep your palm or entire hands from discomfort while lifting weights. All of the materials used for its production are sweat-proof as well.

Besides weightlifting, you may also wear these gloves for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and cross fitness among others. They are highly stylish, making them applicable for both men and women. Increasing your training’s repetitions and performance will be much easier with these gloves.

The manufacturer boasts the distinctive design of the gloves. The pair has lifting straps and wrist wraps with black and red colors.

According to EZY Fitness, you will not be able to find any comparable design on the market. The gloves are also versatile.  They can be washed using either hands or machine for cleaning and maintenance. Putting them on or removing them from your hands is a breeze.


  • Fits well in the hands
  • Protects from blisters and calluses
  • Applicable for heavy weights
  • Easy removal
  • Attractive design


  • Too short wrist straps
Weight Lifting Gloves (1 Pair), Weightlifting Wrist...
8 Reviews

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Contraband Black Label Weightlifting Gloves

The product comes in a pair of gloves with vented mesh for skin breathability. You will instantly notice this construction of the Contraband Black Label Weightlifting Gloves since they are both functional and stylish.

With the mesh material on the gloves, the buildup of extreme heat on the material will be avoided. This will allow you to work out longer at higher repetitions without the discomfort.

Along with this type of exterior is the product’s comfortable interior, which is soft on the hands. The Contraband Black Label Weightlifting Gloves are made of interior fabric that can wick away sweat and sustain a firm fit. This will ensure that you will not suddenly drop your weights while training.

As for the palm area, the manufacturer uses leather, which is a trusted material for its durability and sufficient grip. You do not have to replace these gloves instantly since they could withstand countless sessions at the gym. They provide better control when you are working with metal and rubber weights.

Unlike their counterparts, there are no unnecessary accessories attached to the gloves, making the design straightforward but worth it for its price. Whenever you bend your hands while wearing them, no pain will be encountered.

Cleaning and maintaining the gloves are also easy. You may soak them in a mixture of mild detergent and water for up to half an hour. Afterward, you may dry them in a cool place.


  • Provides sufficient grip
  • Works on a variety of weights
  • Suitable for any training type
  • Sufficient padding
  • May hold up longer


  • Reports of early damage
Contraband Black Label 5050 Mens Basic Leather...
561 Reviews
Contraband Black Label 5050 Mens Basic Leather...
  • 💨 MOISTURE WICKING VENTED NYLON MESH - Nylon fourway mesh top is breathable and prevents heat buildup in the...
  • 🖐️ LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE - These gloves feature a synthetic interior with light-medium neoprene padding....
  • 🔥 REAL SPLIT LEATHER PALM - Split leather has long been known for its durability, this has been the choice for...

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Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weightlifting Gloves

These gloves are designed not only for weightlifting, but also for other types of training. This is why they are also marketed as an all-purpose pair of gloves. You may wear them for fitness training, powerlifting, a variety of sports and cycling among others.

With their simple yet stylish design, the Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weightlifting Gloves are applicable for both men and women. Besides athletes, even trainers will find these gloves highly useful.

The Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weightlifting Gloves are made of microfiber material, which is lightweight yet durable. Given its fibrous construction, you can guarantee the benefit of breathability while weightlifting. Each glove also has double stitching, keeping the materials intact in spite of frequent use.

Aside from the palm, fingers, and back of the hand, the gloves also have customized cloth for the thumbs. This makes wiping off sweat easier, maintaining the clean and dry condition of your face.

These weightlifting gloves are also constructed with Velcro straps, which can be adjusted based on your wrist size. The straps have a length of 18 inches, providing great fit even for big hands. Your wrists will be protected from unexpected twists or sprain.

These weightlifting gloves also feature a special layer for the palm that is meant to avoid skid or calluses. The pad will eliminate the numbness and impact on your hands.

Furthermore, you can concentrate on your weights and bars with these gloves because they come with silica gel pads. This cushion ensures sufficient friction.


  • Provides sufficient padding
  • Maintains weight grasp
  • Works on other training types
  • Has cloth for the thumb
  • Unisex design


  • Poor ventilation
Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Gloves with 18'...
1,154 Reviews
Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Gloves with 18"...
  • ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES: Suitable for a variety of exercises-----Weight Lifting, Pull Up, Exercise, Fitness, Gym Training...
  • ALL-ROUND SELECTIONS FOR YOU: Multi-size, multi-color and multi-function are available to your choice. Please refer to...
  • STONGER PROTECTION: Full palm protection and thickening PAD will buffer the impact of sport apparatus. The Wrist Strap,...

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Best Weightlifting Gloves Buying Guide

Types of Weightlifting Gloves

Using Safety Tips

Similar to other fitness tools, the best workout gloves have a variety of types. The categories of the product differ in features, advantages, and disadvantages. The choice among the types of weightlifting gloves will largely depend on your personal preferences.

To start creating a shorter list of products to choose from, take note of these types of fitness gloves, specifically for weightlifting:

1) Full-Fingered Weightlifting Gloves – From the name itself, your fingers will be covered fully with this type of gloves. It is designed to extend your training since you will be more comfortable throughout your routine. Although these gloves are considered to be primarily used for cycling, many people are already using them in commercial gyms.

2) Fingerless Weightlifting Gloves – Though fingerless by name, there is still a small portion covering your fingers. It exposes your fingers to open extra grip when weightlifting. It is also highly useful if you need adeptness when grabbing onto the bars.

Fingerless weightlifting gloves are most effective during hot weather because they prevent the sweating of the hands. At present, this is the type of weightlifting gloves that is the second most utilized hand protection in the gym.

3) Velcro Double Wrist Strap Gloves – The main feature of these gloves is the additional support for the wrists in order to provide protection and stability. As the name suggests, Velcro closures are used in this type of gloves.

4) Leather Weightlifting Gloves – Many weightlifters often look for leather material to ensure long-lasting use and improved fit on the hands. Compared to other gloves, it does last longer. Besides, it provides comfort and better grip at the same time.

5) Neoprene Weightlifting Gloves – These gloves are most popular for giving the waterproof feature. Initially, they were used to protect the hands from chemicals, oils, and other harmful substances. Apart from weightlifting, they are also utilized in combat training and scuba diving.

What to Look For When Buying

Types of Weightlifting Gloves

If you are looking for the best lifting gloves, there are aspects you have to consider prior to handing over your payment. Be reminded that though there are lots of options for high-quality fitness gloves, not all will meet or exceed your standards.

To provide you a smarter means of choosing long-lasting and highly functional weightlifting gloves, here are factors to consider:

1) Sweat-Resistant – You would definitely have issues with lifting weights if your hands keep on sweating. In order to avoid this, look for weightlifting gloves that are designed to avoid sweat. Check if the material of the gloves can remove moisture, giving you more control of your weights. Normally, neoprene inserts in weightlifting gloves are helpful.

2) Extra Grip – You can obtain a higher level of grip if you select weightlifting gloves with palms that are made of leather. The material offers enough grip to keep you lifting weights regardless of types.

3) Durable Fabric – As mentioned above, leather is trusted to be a durable material for weightlifting gloves. However, if you need an alternative, you may also consider the neoprene fabric. As much as possible, you should avoid purchasing nylon gloves that may not guarantee good grip on heavy weights.

Nevertheless, newer synthetic materials are considerable for they have been improving gradually. For instance, there are synthetic options that can also taper sweat and provide sufficient grip.

4) Adjustable Wraps – Wrist wraps provide more stability and support while weightlifting. When selecting a material for wrist wraps, look for the adjustable and soft variants of them. Try the gloves on and check if the wraps can keep it fitting snugly on your hands.

5) Fingerless – There are weightlifting gloves that cover the entire hands, but it is surprising to know that their fingerless counterparts are more effective for gripping. If your fingers are exposed, your hands will not only be able to breathe but also avoid sweat build-up.

Using/Safety Tips

What to Look For When Buying

Many are still hesitant to consider getting the best gym gloves because they got through their weightlifting successfully without it. Little do they know that wearing gloves offers more benefits.

Conclusively, weightlifting gloves can enhance your performance since they promote better grip and control of your weights. Besides, would you want to end up with blisters and calluses on your hands? The more comfortable your hands are, the better your chances of training harder.

To get the most out of weightlifting gloves, here are tips in using it:

  • Wear It All the Time – As much as possible, you should wear the gloves when lifting weights for long periods. By doing so, you will be able to avoid blisters and calluses. Others avoid doing so because they find it unattractive to cover up their hands. However, take note that even a small scald can keep you from lifting weights in a certain day.
  • Avoid Using Chalk – Now that you have weightlifting gloves on hand, you should avoid using chalk to eliminate sweat and improve your grip. These two benefits will already be provided by the gloves. Many gyms have opposed the use of chalk since it causes allergic reactions and can be messy.
  • Clean It Regularly – With your weightlifting gloves always in your backpack when hitting the gym, they are more vulnerable to growth of bacteria. To prevent this, you may clean the gloves regularly by soaking them in a mixture of dish soap and water. Massage each of the gloves and scrub its parts using your hand.

In case you do not find them clean yet, you may throw them into a washing machine for a gentle removal of dirt. When drying, it is best to hang the gloves indoors than outdoors since extreme exposure to the sun can damage their fibers.\

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It is not too complex to select the ideal weightlifting gloves from the list above. Apparently, Cropal Weightlifting Gloves is the winner of the round-up. With its leather material, the other products just could not match it in terms of durability.

Everything you should look for in a set of gloves for weightlifting is found in the product. It is breathable, provides sufficient grip, and will serve for a long time.

The gloves are even more amazing with their added ventilated material for the finger spaces and back of your hands. This facilitates further flexibility. Weightlifting will certainly be much more convenient.

In case you prefer to look for another product, you may continue to review others while considering the buying guidelines.

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