Best Work Gloves for Handling Wood

Your hands are highly valuable, particularly for your work, which is why getting the best work gloves is a good option. You often make use of tools that may cause your hands to be wounded or in contact with rust, chemicals, or other elements that may irritate your skin.

Selecting a set of good work gloves is one way of keeping your hands from hazards that are always present when on the job.

But still, you have to keep in mind that the best working gloves do not pertain to a generally used set. There are gloves that are made for a certain task. Prior to selecting the most appropriate working gloves, you also have considerations to work.

Best Work Gloves for Handling Wood

1. Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove

The Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove is one of the trusted leather work gloves available today. It is made of two materials based on the components. The lining of the gloves is from 100 percent polyester, whereas the shell is from 100 percent genuine leather.

The protective gear for your hands measures 6 inches by 1 inch. Besides its leather shell, it has a palm part made of grain cowhide and cotton duck material. The patches for the other parts are also manufactured out of suede cowhide.

The cuff of the gloves has a safety construction. You could entrust it to protect your knuckles with its cowhide made. If you are looking for a protective solution for intense work, this is a good choice of gloves without the steel-like stiffness that others do not prefer.

The product makes a difference by resisting any possible elements from the environment. Though it is not purely made of leather, its cotton duck fabric is tested for water resistance, wear protection, and durability. It moves accordingly with your hands minus the maneuverability issue.

You can also anticipate the work gloves to protect you from cuts, abrasions, and tears. It does not suffocate your hands given its side vents. You do not have to be concerned about accidental slippage of the gloves since it has safety cuffs to keep the protective gear in place.

It makes sense to invest on a great product to protect your hands like the best work gloves like the Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove.

2. Custom Leathercraft 125L

The Custom Leathercraft 125L are made of different materials, primarily of synthetic leather at 50 percent. Other materials making up the protective gears are foam at five percent, polyester at 30 percent, PVC at 10 percent, and elastic band at 10 percent. The imported gloves have Clarino synthetic leather that is soft, durable, and convenient to use.

The product measures 4.5 inches by 11.5 inches by 1.5 inches and has a cumulative weight of 3 ounces. It comes in a black color, guaranteeing you do not have to worry about the material getting soiled.

The handyman gloves ensure that your working hands will no longer feel fatigue. It has added dexterity to ensure that all your projects are done successfully. Given the stylish construction of the Custom Leathercraft 125L, you can use it anywhere outside of the construction site. This includes framing, automotive repair, assembly, farming, and ranching among others.

The material for the palm area is manufactured out of Syntrex synthetic material. This protects your hands from abrasion, ensuring longer lifespan and durability. The thumb construction has a Stretch-Fit made, giving you comfortable fitting.

Even while working, you no longer must be concerned on checking your handphone every now and then. It has three touchscreen finger tips. It also has a back material out of Spandex. The material for the finger tips is textured, giving you further grip.

When you have a job that uses your hands as its main tool, it only makes sense that you’d want to keep them protected.

3. Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert protective gear is known for its machine washable material. The gloves measure 12 inches by 5 inches by 1 inch with a cumulative weight of the product is just 3.2 ounces. The Vietnam-made material is large and mainly made of synthetic leather. It has a form-fitting TrekDry technology that will sustain comfort and coolness for your hands.

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert also has a closure made of thermal plastic rubber (TPR) material with loop and hook for a better fit. The gloves are known for its durable microfiber material that lengthens the lifecycle of the protective gear. Besides high dexterity value, it also has a superior fit. It also has panels designed for the glove components most vulnerable to breakage.

The single layer material for the palm also guarantees agility and enhanced fit. Storing the gloves is now easier since it has a web loop made of nylon that promotes convenient keeping. Given the exceptional features of the gloves, you can use it for maintenance repair operations.

Apart from its normal use, it may also be useful for tactical application, military exploit, and shooting sports among others. The aesthetics of the product are also not too attention-seeking, which is perfect if you want to keep people’s attention from you.

Handling different work at extended periods is now easier. Even the grip of the gloves is perfected. It moves along with your hands without the restrained feeling so you feel comfortable at all times.

4. TenActiv Cut Resistant Gloves

The TenActiv Cut Resistant Gloves is the first 18-gauge work gloves with ANSI cut protection. It is perfected with 1617 of cut resistance feature, giving you no worries when you are handling difficult tasks. The gloves are also made with superior tactile sensitivity.

The product measures 9.8 inches by 5.5 inches by 0.5 inches. Compared to other gloves, it is very lightweight at only 0.3 ounces. The manufacturer of the product boasts that it is a result of tedious research and development concerning hand protective gear.

Among the significant features of the product is its fiber material that makes cut resistance more effective with its high strength and a composite filament made. The gloves also feature yarn that is linen fiber-free. The wool material is more robust than steel when compared at equal weights.

The body of the glove is in black color, giving you no worries about ruining the appearance of your protective gear. The outside of the gloves is also coated with foam nitrile material, giving silicone protection, wear resistance, extra grip, and versatility among others. This reduces any injury for your hands or any kind of damage as you do your daily tasks.

The developer of the product ensured that there is no silicone in any of the materials used for its manufacturing, guaranteeing reduced risk of contamination. The TenActiv Cut Resistant Gloves has a 99.9 percent antimicrobial status. Even if you wash it five times straight, its protection will stay. The material making up the gloves is also compatible for touchscreen use.

5. Epica Cut Resistant Gloves

The Epica Cut Resistant Gloves has a dimension of 10 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch. It weighs a pound but is very comfortable to wear. You can trust the protective gear to resist abrasions and cuts coming from tools and materials you commonly used for work.

You could either use it for professional and recreational use. If you have recently come across kitchen accidents, this is a work glove to wear. Use it whenever you will utilize a set of sharp knives, grater, or even peeler.

Eliminate your worries about injury since it is made to handle even the biggest machines for cutting. Shattered glass can also be cleaned easier with this protective solution. Unlike many work gloves, it is hard, but not stiff on the hands.

The Epica Cut Resistant Gloves is not heavy making your hand movements less stiff. The gloves are much lighter and are even described to be four times stronger than leather. The construction of the work gloves’ knitting is perfected not only for comfort but also for extra ventilation and versatility.

The product does not only claim that it can protect from cuts since it has certification to present. It is approved cut resistant as granted by European regulatory board with EN388 CE Level 5 certification.

Apart from the level 5 protection of the gloves against cuts, it is also known for having machine washable material. Even if it gets soiled or exposed to contaminants, it could be cleaned easily with a washing machine.

Types of Work Gloves

The toughest work gloves are those that could comply with your standards and assist with your job properly. Before you even jump into purchasing gloves, you should ensure it is intended for your purpose. For instance, do not buy a set of cleaning gloves for building-related projects since there are suitable construction gloves for that kind of work.

To provide you initial options to make your selection of product easier, here are the following types of work gloves:

1) Natural Rubber Gloves – Obviously, this is the not the best construction gloves for it is intended to handle lighter tasks, such as in the laboratory. It is most suitable for laboratory workers. It is made for incidental contact, particularly for materials that are water-based.

As claimed by the developers of the gloves, it has mere resistance against chemicals. It may not be appropriate if you will handle organic solvents as well. In case you have allergies to latex materials, this is not the type of gloves to use.

2) Leather Gloves – This is a tough set of gloves. Although it is made out of leather, an expected high-priced material, you can still find products at economy values. You may also find this in various features such as resistance from water.

Even if you have to handle cryogenic material, this type of gloves will help you throughout the project. It is also designed to protect your hands from frostbite. Nonetheless, you are not allowed to dip it into liquid nitrogen.

dirty leather gloves

3) Nitrile Gloves – You can find it in two forms, one for incidental and another for extended contact. It is a generally used type of gloves. You could wear it if you will handle bases, oils, acids, and greases among others.

If you have latex allergies, this type of gloves could be your alternative. Remember that its material will also indicate breakage and tears easily.

4) Viton Gloves – Expect that this is a high-priced set of gloves. It is not good for ketones. Nonetheless, it could protect your hands from abrasion and cuts.

If you will handle solvents with aromatic and chlorine formulations, this is best used. It could protect despite the extended contact to elements.

5) Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – You can use this gloves if you will normally handle amines, acids, peroxides, fats, and oils among others. Similar to Viton gloves, it could resist abrasions effectively. However, it is not a good choice for most types of organic mixtures.

What to Look for When Buying

Getting the top rated work gloves for your use is dependent on how well you manage the selection. There are considerations you have to make, including the features that should match your needs and wants. By having a set of a checklist in buying work gloves, you will not find it easier to get rid of poor quality and low-performance gloves.

If you are a male construction worker, you may consider looking for the following in selecting the best work gloves for men:

1) Material Type – Usually, workers search for the best leather work gloves. This may be due to the unprecedented durability of the material. However, leather-made gloves also have its sub-categories.

For instance, you could begin with cowhide. This is a commonly used set of gloves that are divided into three layers. Its layers are composed of grain side and suede part. Alternatively, you also have the goatskin that has the highest content of natural lanolin.

In case you need another option, you have the supple and soft deerskin. This is mostly used for its flexibility and dexterity. Lastly, you have pigskin known for its durability, moisture resistance, and soft drying feature.

2) Chemical Protection – It is still ideal to find a set of gloves that will keep your hands from burns, chemical exposure, and other harmful effects of gases, powders, and liquids. It is best to find the right type of glove that could offer utmost protection against chemicals you will commonly handle. Generally, it is always best to find gloves with the highest resistance against chemicals.

woman wearing gloves protection chemical

3) Abrasion and Cuts Protection – You will wear gloves to be protected not only from liquid solvents or mixtures. You also have to find a product with high dexterity level against punctures, cuts, and abrasion.

4) Cuff Style – The aesthetics of your gloves also matter. There are various cuff styles present. You can begin with the gauntlet type that gives protection for the forearm and wrist.

Another type of cuff made is called safety which provides ease in removing the gloves while protecting your wrist. The last type is knitted that generates a snug fit with comfort.

5) Thumb Style – At present, there are also different thumb constructions for convenience gloves wearing. You have the keystone made that provides extra comfort and separates a piece for your finger. You also have the wing thumb, which has additional strength with seams.

In case you do not prefer the first two styles, you also have the straight thumb type. It has a seam around your finger. For the entire thumb, you will see a full leather protection.

Using/ Safety Tips

Regardless of wearing thin work gloves or a more durable one, you still have to learn how to use the protective material properly. There are people who end up getting cuts or being exposed to chemicals for they did not use gloves properly. The effectiveness of your gloves also depends on how well you use and maintain it.

  • Always Clean – Even if you are dealing with carpenter gloves that are expected to be very dirty at the end of the day, always clean it before use. If you have been informed that a set of gloves was exposed to chemicals, do not touch it right away.
  • Check Gloves Before Use – There are materials used in making gloves that will not indicate damage or even tears. It is best to inspect your protective gear prior to using it. Remember, even the smallest hole can allow chemicals to seep into your skin.
  • Wash Your Hands – Before wearing the gloves, you should wash your hands with water and soap. If you have cuts or open wounds, be certain to cover these up for infection may still take place.

hand washing

  • Wash the Gloves’ Exterior Before Removal – Before you take off the gloves from your hands, you should clean the outside material. Afterward, you may proceed to wash your hands.
  • Replace If Irritation Occurs – It is best to find another set of gloves if you become irritated with the present one you are wearing. However, check first if the new gloves you found are similarly effective. There are cases cotton work gloves may not be appropriate for your work.
  • Store It Properly – Find a dry and cool place to store the gloves. Keep it from chemical exposure or find a container where you could put it in. Make sure to not keep it inside out.


You should not belittle the importance of wearing the best work gloves. Your hands are your keys to keep on surviving but without protecting them, you may end up exposing them to hazards. Out of all the products featured, Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove is the obvious winner.

The product does not overdo it when it comes to choices of materials. It is even washable through hands. Although it is very tough for any work, it still manages to provide comfort to the hands.

There are also no reports of sizing or fitting issues. Even if you will use it for extended periods, you will never encounter cuts, blisters, or abrasions. Additionally, it is not too tight or loose, making it more comfortable to wear.

In case you do not favor the product, you are free to check out the rest of the gloves given. You simply have to consider your standards since the purposes of wearing the best work gloves are to keep your hands protected.

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