stihl electric lawn mower

Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

When most people think of lawn mowers, they immediately think of large gas guzzling-machines.  Today gasoline-powered lawnmowers stand at equal footing with electric powered mowers.  While in the past electric mowers tended to be unreliable, modern day electric mowers combine both reliability and efficiency.  There are even riding electric lawnmowers, combining all the benefits of …

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best husqvarna chainsaw for logging

Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews

Husqvarna is an admired name that should be very familiar to anyone who deals with outdoor power tools in general and chainsaws in particular. Despite an intensely competitive industry, the company Husqvarna Group remains the biggest manufacturer of outdoor power products on earth. When looking at Husqvarna chainsaw reviews you’ll find that there are many …

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