How to Use a Wood Router for Beginners | 6 Steps

A wood router is one of the most versatile pieces of woodworking equipment that you could have in your workshop. It’s a powerful tool that spins a bit, or a cutter, at very high speeds and, with the many various types of bits that you can buy for wood router; there is no end of woodwork jobs that can be made much easier to complete.

Using a wood router is not difficult, but it does take a bit of practice to perfect. You also need to be aware that a router operates at extremely high speeds, so care must always be taken when using one and the proper safety precautions observed.


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Different Sander Machines Perform Different Tasks


Among all the woodwork related procedures, sanding is the toughest when done manually. An electric sander is the most valuable helping tool for anybody who is going to start a sanding project. An electric sander is a very useful machine and it can assist you for various purposes like finishing of furniture or installation of a new wooden floor. Multiple tools are used in sanding according to the nature of the task.


Belt sanders are the most used tools in woodworking projects. Their belts are used for the attachment of sandpaper. An electric motor drives the sander belt. Sandpaper smoothly makes the surface as soon as it adjoins the wood. This woodworking machine is considered an excellent tool for wooden furniture’s preliminary smoothing or polishing. Some of the sanding machines require manual smoothing of furniture because they are handheld.

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How Does a Belt Sander Works?

Belt sander is one of the finest tools used by the woodworkers for sanding. It not only saves time and energy but also works efficiently and results in an outstanding product. In this machine’s structure at downside, two parallel drums are attached from which sandpaper or sanding belt comes out in the form of an uninterrupted loop to level off wood, ply or other materials.

The most common uses of this machine are removing, polishing and smoothing rough and tough wooden surfaces. It is also used to bump off the dents, marks, paints and other materials like glue in a small time. There are multiple models, shapes, and sizes of these machines in the market to be used according to the purpose. For instance, air belt sander works by the working of air processor which compresses the air which powers up the air belt sander.

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Mistakes In Sanding And Their Solutions

Sanding is a very simple process which is done wrongly by many woodworkers and experts due to carelessness and not giving appropriate attention. Mostly woodworking professionals use inappropriate tools, apply wrong procedures, use wrong sandpaper and table top corners with over sanding is another big mistake. Let’s have a look at the casual mistakes made by the woodworkers and the ways to avoid them.

mistakes in sanding and their solutions

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