How to Use a Wood Router for Beginners | 6 Steps

A wood router is one of the most versatile pieces of woodworking equipment that you could have in your workshop. It’s a powerful tool that spins a bit, or a cutter, at very high speeds and, with the many various types of bits that you can buy for wood router; there is no end of woodwork jobs that can be made much easier to complete.

Using a wood router is not difficult, but it does take a bit of practice to perfect. You also need to be aware that a router operates at extremely high speeds, so care must always be taken when using one and the proper safety precautions observed. How-to-Use-a-Wood-Router-for-Beginners

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Different Sander Machines Perform Different Tasks


Among all the woodwork related procedures, sanding is the toughest when done manually. An electric sander is the most valuable helping tool for anybody who is going to start a sanding project. An electric sander is a very useful machine and it can assist you for various purposes like finishing of furniture or installation of a new wooden floor. Multiple tools are used in sanding according to the nature of the task.


Belt sanders are the most used tools in woodworking projects. Their belts are used for the attachment of sandpaper. An electric motor drives the sander belt. Sandpaper smoothly makes the surface as soon as it adjoins the wood. This woodworking machine is considered an excellent tool for wooden furniture’s preliminary smoothing or polishing. Some of the sanding machines require manual smoothing of furniture because they are handheld.

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Mistakes In Sanding And Their Solutions

Sanding is a very simple process which is done wrongly by many woodworkers and experts due to carelessness and not giving appropriate attention. Mostly woodworking professionals use inappropriate tools, apply wrong procedures, use wrong sandpaper and table top corners with over sanding is another big mistake. Let’s have a look at the casual mistakes made by the woodworkers and the ways to avoid them.

mistakes in sanding and their solutions

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How to Recycle Sander Belts?

  • Numerous tools and products exist in the market that is normally not recycled but all know that they should be recycled. Recycling is popular these days; opposite of recycling is throwing something into the trash without thinking of its’ reuse. This is one of the most thought out subjects and was the agenda brought up in online think tank about the issues attached with recycling of large belt sander belts. Does it make sense? One of the noteworthy guests thinks tank members of the group asked the question. “Can you share any views on recycling large sized sander belts? Two options were shingles or asphalt? Any views or suggestions would be welcomed.

How to Recycle Sander Belts

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A Basic Guide on Finishing a Hemlock Floor

Considered as a softwood, hemlock belongs in the same category as fir and pine. A hemlock is easily recognizable because of its natural light brown tint. Sometimes, it comes with moderate grain patterns that are hard to distinguish. Hemlock is an ideal product to use for wood flooring. Compared to hardwood flooring, a hemlock floor follows a different finishing procedure. If you are looking to do the finishing on your hemlock floor by yourself, expect the work to last for a day or two, depending on scope and size of the project.

hemlock floor

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What Makes Belt Sanders Great ?

Best Belt Sander Reviews

  • 1. The main use of belt sender is to remove scraps from other things like plastic, wood and metal as well. To create a smooth, flat and perfect surface for painting and for other such works like removing finishes or paint from the wood surface, nothing can beat the brute strength and high speed of belt sander. This heavy tool reduces the labor cost, it consists of an electric motor which moves the drum on it, there is mounted a continuous sandpaper loop. Belt sander is handheld and moved on the material or stationary in which the material is moved to the belt sander.

Belt Sander Tool

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Steps on How to Get Rid of Paint Using a Sander

One of the quickest ways to get rid of paint from a surface is sanding. You can remove the chipped and worn paint from a surface in a matter of minutes by making use of belt sander or a heavy-grit sandpaper. However, sanding comes with some drawbacks. It is not advisable to be used on furniture since the surface beneath the paint can be damaged. Nonetheless, sanding is still one of the classic techniques that can get the job done quickly.

Steps on How to Get Rid of Paint Using a Sander

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A Guide on Sanding Pine Floors

Wood floors are considered to be an essential investment for most homeowners. Wood floors can last a lifetime given that proper care and maintenance are followed. Most floors are made of hardwood but some use pine as an alternative since softwood is less expensive.

Pine is compatible with a wide variety of finishes, making it ideal for most homes. Sanding the floor in order to make it look new again if you find the floor showing some signs of wear and tear. It also important to note that when sanding a pine floor, ensure to use gentle, soft touch. It is preferred that you use an electric sanding machine to sand the floor in order to save some time. However, you can still sand the floor by hand if you don’t have any access to such machine.

A Guide on How to Sand Pine Floors

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Important Tips on Repairing a Painted Drywall Seam

One of the issues that seem to bother most homeowners until they deal with it is a bad drywall seam. Generally, most bad drywall seam issues are not obvious until after the wall is completely painted. However, the problem can be already too complicated to address during that time. If the wall is painted with a flat, clean pain, you can spread joint compound over the pain. It is still recommended that the paint is completely stripped off to allow the joint compound to stick. In order to save yourself from re-doing the entire room, it is advisable that you have a supply of the same paint used on the walls so that you can patch-paint the room instead.

Important Tips on Repairing a Painted Drywall Seam

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Simple Guide on Sanding Table Tops

sanding table top

In a family or home, a table is usually considered to be its center as it is where people gather to eat. It is also the place where people entertain their guests and share the news with each other. Perhaps you own a kitchen table that has been in existence for years or found a great kitchen table at a yard sale. Sanding the tabletop enables you to give a new life to that table.

Simple Guide on Sanding Table Tops

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Tips on Sanding Down a Door That Rubs

Sanding Down Door

One of the most irritating and damaging issues in a household is a door that rubs the floor when opened or closed. In order to fix this kind of problem, most people simply tighten the screws in order to secure the door in place.

However, it is natural for the screws to loosen up due to frequent use. This can result to the door hanging off the screws and rub itself on the floor. In the event that tightening the screws do not address the issue, you will need to remove the whole door and sand the bottom in order to have an ample amount of clearance.

Tips on Sanding Down a Door That Rubs

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