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How to Choose a Cordless Drill: Buying Guide

In case you are just learning the basics of simple maintenance or are taking on a second addition to the house, a good drill is essential. While using a cordless model, you can easily drill holes and drive screws with the same tool. Along with not have to worry about finding an outlet near the work to power the drill. Well, though there are hundreds of these drills on the shop, It’s not always clear which drills you need to buy.

The Core Features of Your New Drill

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Undoubtedly, the drill is one of the most handy tools you will ever have in your kit, and it will help you to finish almost any work or project you are doing.

But if you’re using a lousy drill, or not using it in the proper way, it may bring more damage than the positive result and misuse a lot of time and money.

Along with, you don’t want to purchase a low-priced drill that will break on you after a few times you drill into concrete/wood, and you also don’t want to get into a situation where you want to drill something and you just can’t.

This is so disappointing and irritating because not only you can’t carry on your work, you understand you require to buy a new drill, which gonna take more money.

You need a powerful and excellent drill which will feel good in your hands and will be able to perform any task you want to do, with as less effort from your side as possible.

So, my point is- when it matter of drills, quality is far prominent than the expenditure.

Now, when talking about Cordless drills, there are a few core elements you need to take into account:

  1. Type and size of the battery
  2. Selective modes
  • Lighting
  1. Weight

Type and size of the battery

The cordless drills are much cozier as they are mobile, you don’t have to hunt to the nearest power outlet along with you don’t have to worry about the drill cord getting in your way and interrupting your chore.

One of the key points of having a cordless drill is the charging time of the battery is very swift.

There are two things that are essential about the battery: the type of the battery and the voltage.

Today’s best battery type is Li-Ion batteries (Lithium-ion)

When talking about the voltage, they range from 10-20V and you need to understand one thing: Higher voltage means higher power, but also more weight and money.

Therefore, it’s best to go with an 18V battery. Because it is always better to be 100% confident that your drill will be able to easily drill what you want, rather than not having enough power at all.

It’s gonna be good to purchase two batteries instead of just one. It’s much more beneficial and makes such a big disparity in your chore, as you can charge one battery while working with the second one.

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Selective modes

Nowadays there are few kinds of cordless drills: 

Some including drill/fastening modes only and some also including hammering mode. These drills are also known as “Combi Drills“, and they are great to use.

Everything is combined in one compact drill which will get the job done and drill through mason and concrete just as easily as a drill designed specifically for hammering.

The central thing that differs a combi drill from a normal drill driver that does not have this function is the price. The combi drills are more costly than the regular drill driver, so it’s up to you to decide if you are willing to invest the extra money for the convenience of having everything concentrated in a single power tool.


A cool and very useful characteristic, more capable than you might think, is nothing but a lighting option.

Many drill drivers which have a small LED flashlight under the chuck that lights when you hit the trigger.

It grants you to see what you are drilling when working in darker places. It’s a very handy and convenient factor that should be considered when shop a new cordless drill.

Usually, higher voltage tools weigh more than lower voltage ones. If you gonna use this tool occasionally, then its weight may not be a matter of concern. However, if you’re planning on working for long periods of time, a heavy tool can put excessive strain on your arm and wrist.

You should also consider the kind of work you gonna do with the machine. Screw driving or drilling in awkward spaces such as in the rafters of a roof, where the machine will most likely be held above your head, will also become extremely tiring if working with a heavy machine.

Voltage Summary

A machine with a higher voltage will undoubtedly be more powerful and will grant you to work with tougher materials and larger screws. However, usually, it will also be larger, heavier and more costly than a lower voltage one.

What amount of money you are looking to spend?

You should keep in mind that the higher the battery’s voltage, the more costly it is likely to be.12 or 14-volt machines are very well-known with users because they contribute a considerable amount of power without the price tag of an 18-volt machine.

Test before you purchase.

It’s preferred to try machines in person if you have the chance available. An online site can inform you about the weight of the machine, but not exactly how it feels in your hands. An efficient cordless machine should feel balanced, not front-heavy, while you holding it. The trigger of the machine should be responsive without being overly sensitive or tough to depress. Be assured you can effortlessly discard and replace the battery.

Hope this article was helpful for you.

Stay well and have a nice day.

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